Project/Goals Tab in Paper Planner

I'm on my second round of setting up GTD. I'm trying to stick to it pretty closely this time but I'm having a few problems with setting up my circa with the appropriate sections. According to my understanding, the only thing in the project/goals tab is a list of active project. Am I missing something? How do you all set up your planner sections?

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Separate Projects and Goals

I have separate Projects and Goals tabs. See my overly long explanation in another thread, here:

The Projects tab has current projects that I'm working on now, one page each. On each project page, I have a list of component next actions. The Goals tab has high view goals - each with component steps (or actions or projects), if I can think of them.

Thanks, that clarifies

Thanks, that clarifies things. I'd read that thread before but forgot all about it! My projects are fairly small things and I'm not currently tracking any higher view goals so a whole sections are a bit much for me right now. Instead i'm using the a sheet of cardstock to hold all the index cards with my project details.

Projects in Email


I actually keep my project list in email. I have usually a dozen or so smaller projects that have to wait for other folks frequently, and four or five bigger ones where I'm the primary actor.

I've got a few folders now that I use for 'status' type organization. 'WF Others', 'WF Me' (that would be 'next actions' or equivalent, I suppose), and a couple of others indicating the item is done and waiting for confirmation, or I have to get some answers to even start it. These few folders are used only for the small projects.

I don't really have a projects list for home stuff. I don't have the same level of accountability or ambition in my personal stuff, so I don't bother keeping track of that kind of stuff. :)

So I don't have a paper projects list. Almost all of my to-dos are associated with one or more email messages, so it's just more convenient to keep it there. When a project is finished, it gets moved to an archive folder so it doesn't contribute to my server quota. I can't afford to delete anything anymore, I work on enough contentious items with cantankerous people I have to save all my evidence. *sigh*


goals vs. projects

This is actually something I've been thinking about to the point I've been kicking around some thoughts that I'm planning to blog about... I've read the GTD book, twice and thought a project was something that needs to be done that requires more than one step, while a goal is something that is long term and something you *WANT* to do for whatever reason.

Then I borrowed a copy of the audio program "Getting Things Done - Fast" (sadly, no longer available) and it pointed out something I'd completely missed somehow when I read GTD. Part of planning your projects is coming up with what the project will look like when it is done and wildly successful. How will you KNOW when you are done? Sounds pretty much like a goal to me. A project can be anything from cleaning the garage to losing weight to learning a new language to going on a mission trip. Use your imagination!

Strictly going with the GTD system, your goals should be in the form of projects and in that section of your planner. If it helps you to have a "Goals" section, by all means have a "Goals" section. But I'd challenge you to one thing: I don't think you can do a goal any better than you can do a project. You should still break getting to that goal down into actions.


Also have separate projects and goals

I have separated projects and goals as well.

Long explanations:
- My project list form
- My project detail form (think of this as "project support material")
- Overview of my GTD setup
- Separate goals list - I fill this out monthly with "milestones" towards meeting my goals; sometimes these overlap with projects, sometimes not.

You helped me Corrie

During one weekend where I was downloading anything GTD and DIY I found - I snagged your pages. The projects in various colors have helped me a lot with keeping things prioritized.

And what's really *neat* to me - is the colors work with my Whomi ( calendar - which is my purse calendar. It's a lot like those 2 year calendars my grandmother was always giving me - but it's only a week at a time, with little tear-off corners to keep you focused on the right week.

That's my portable, go everywhere planner - and the color scheme is similar enough to work for my various lists in my Circa.

I'm a color-coordinated nut, so that works in my brain.

Just had to say thanks.
Jen Z

I have a "goals" tab in my

I have a "goals" tab in my binder. But I started calling them "projects" because for some psychological reason I'm more likely to do a project than a goal.

I have one goal per sheet. Each sheet is double-sided. The first sheet has a description of the goal, when it is started and finished, and benchmarks (for example, for a one year goal of saving $10,000 starting on Jan 1, I should have $5,000 by July 1.). The back is dedicated to a next actions checklist or log.

I try to review my goals at least once a week to make sure I'm keeping up with the next actions.

I have a seperate folder at work just for my work goals and projects.

Although I started just with paper, I'm beginning to use Thinking Rock along with my paper system. I like it.