template for journaling reaction to medication?

Is there a form that could be used to record reactions and or symptoms to medications such as chemotherapy.

I just thought of this, and I need it tomorrow.

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In a pinch...

I would suggest the matrix forms--that look like spreadsheets. I can't remember if they are in the core set or notes set, but they are out there. You will just have to write in your own headings, but I bet the matrix forms would do you best.

If you will be talking with your doctor, you can even ask him what data he would be looking for, and customize it to fit that.


hope this helps

Med Minder
matrix use potential

I know there are other medication centered templates around the web. Let me know if you need something different and perhaps I can find something else.

Take care.

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Here is one I knitted earlier…

Hi Pinky

I have just spent over an hour and a half knitting these from electrons on number 18 needles (knitting pins). I hope you appreciate this Pinky and e-mail me some chocolate. ;)

Joking aside, all my best for tomorrow. :)


[Edit: link fixed Sard 25/7/07]


Thank you for the linkies, Sara.

And Sard, thanks for all the "clicking" of those electrons on the number 18s! I think that will work very well!

I am faring much better after this week's treatment than last week, for sure.

take care

You take care of yourself... feel free to contact tab me if you need anything specific designed <3

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