My Harvard Planner set-up

Hi all,

I have always found it useful, interesting and entertaining to read about the time management set-up of other people. I thought it was time to return to favour.

I have uploaded to Flickr four pics that describe my time management part of the planner I have: LINK

Should anyone want to try the Harvard Planner method, I can send you the versions I have created... A5 and A4 size. Just contact me through the contact form in my profile.

Besides this I have of course
- a notes section where I use lined planner paper which I turn into a sort of Cornell notes page by drawing a simple vertical line.
- I also use a special Agenda section for items I want to discuss at specific meetings or with people when I see them.
- Two sections for checklist and relevant info: personal and work related.
- A section for each project I work on (I am a market researcher) where I put all the relevant project info: some 4-6 projects at a time.

Admittedly this is still work in progress, because I just came from a change where I used daily pages and Time System-like fold-over action sheets for contexts. My reflections thus far:
- Daily pages: I have real trouble planning work; getting that necessry overview. I like having a lot of room though for notes to myself and time-tracking.
- Weekly pages: Not a lot of room for daily notes, but good for getting the overview. I have just started to incorporate David Seah's Emergent Task Planner and I use that during the day to track my time and to scribble random notes. The planner is then used mainly for keeping track of the open commitments.

It works... so far.

I hope you'll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy reading other people's set-up.


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Interesting - I like the three panel approach

I'm a newbie to the Harvard system, but the three panels seems like a great idea. I don't typically have many appointments, but it would be nice to see my week laid out in my planner, always visible.

Thanks for the ideas!

DIY Harvard pages

I'm new here but would like to get the copies you offered. How do I go about it. Thanks

use the contact tab in my profile (clicking my name)

Michaell, you can use the contact tab in my profile (clicking my name) to send me a mail. I'll then reply and send you the templates I have.


Ps. Sorry it took some time to get back to you... :-(

Good work

That's something I'd be interested in seeing. I've been working, on again, off again, at converting a Harvard-style planner, classic sized Elite to a circa bound calendar.

What did you use to generate the files? Don't know about liability and copyright, but it may be uploadable here.

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