2-page-per-day (5x8 index cards)

I decided to start my new binder system with the set up that I originally used from Franklin Covey (schedule and to-do lists on the left, notes on the right) except I improved it (for me) by making the to-do lists the entire length of the page. This template uses 5" X 8" blank index cards, which are great for me because I am pretty rough with my pages and need the extra thickness so they don't rip out of my binder. This template starts with July 19, 2007 (the date I started my new planner) and goes through the end of September. Enjoy!

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If you don't have two-sided printing, print out the Notes sides first on the cards, and then flip them over to print out the schedule/to-do list sides. You can change the date easily by cutting and pasting the month for each day (since I did not include the day of the week on the top).

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Great template! Thank you for sharing!

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Did you add...

...the dates manually? or did you use some form of mail merge/macro? It would be interesting if it were simple to add dates automatically. (like a Hypercard stack I once wrote. When you got to the end, it would ask to make future dates for you, or if you chose a date in the future without a card. Man, I miss Hypercard!)



Hi! Yes, I enter the dates manually; but it's not that hard because all I do is type the month once, copy it, and paste it 30/31 times. It takes all of 60 seconds for me. That's the reason I left the days of the week off (and I like having a full two pages for Saturday and Sunday because I often do work on those days anyway.)