Erasable Tabs and Labels

OK, kids, here's something I think will be of interest to all.

How would you like to ba able to label stuff with a Sharpie type marker and then be able to erase it at some future time to change it ?

I was cleaning out some old boxes this past weekend and found some old Floppy Disc Labels called LabelOnce <<---- Link !!

These are made of a special plastic that does not absorb the marker ink. Once dried, the marker ink is as permanent as usual, but because it is not absorbed, it can be removed with an eraser.

I used these on floppy discs and was very pleased with it.

My discovery of the old stock gave me the idea to cut them up and use them for divider tab labels -- which I still plan to do. I wanted to see if the product was still available. To my delight, it is. They also have links to online and retail resellers. They also make the labels as large as 3" by 5" !!

Holler if you have any questions. I believe this product speaks for itself. The marker is a standard Sharpie fine point and the eraser is the sort used in drafting for erasing ink from drafting film. Neither the marker nor the eraser are unique products, but the labels ARE. For simplicity, I'd recommend getting one of the starter kits to get a marker and eraser. Once you have an eraser in hand, you can find one like it at your local art supply type place.

Enjoy !!

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I like this idea. - Chris

I like this idea.
- Chris