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I've been searching for the perfect index tabs for my hPDA and found some very fun ones this weekend. They were at Joann's in the $1 scrapbooking/card making section. Made by Colorbok, they come in 4 different color sets and are adhesive on one edge. Very fun and much more enjoyable to look at than the standard colored plastic with litle slip in tabs from the office supply store. LINK

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those scrapbookers think of everything!

looks like I have a stop to make one of these evenings :)

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i love my artstores

i love my artstores. More than half the time i find the kewlest things to use for my productivity toys. :)

These are great tabs. I know of another company (can't recall the name darn-it) who makes tab stickers in fun colors and shapes. You peel the sticker off and then carefully affix to the cardstock or paper you want and then write the name of the section on it.

I used a set to give a symbolism dictionary some pizazz.



I JUST bought some regular ones at staples this weekend. Hmm I could prob return those and get these....

I plan on experimenting with some tonight

in combo with a Circa hack. I bought a sample pack of the Levenger 3x5 printed cards, punched them along the top, and put them on rings to make my own Circa pda. Tonight I want to find some cover material and use some old manila folders to make tab dividers. If it works out I'll post a photo.


sharing pictures is always great... even if it doesnt turn out perfect. They can inspire the rest of us or even spark a creative storm :) Best of luck in your hacking :D

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Suggestion: Office Depot (or equivalent)

Oxford® Poly Card Guides, A-Z, 3" x 5", Assorted Colors

I have used these as is and I have chopped down the larger ones for various purposes. These work for both covers and tabs, but I mainly use them for covers as they are rather thick and stiff. Thinner stuff, like a poly folder, does better for tabs/dividers
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Yup, these work well for covers...

And I can thank ygor (IIRC) for the suggestion to use them for that. Just cut off the tabs.


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DIY Tabs

McGill Craftivity makes a 3" File Tab punch. Use your own paper/cardstock etc. You just
punch, fold in half and Voila! I use them so I can have tabs made out of cool paper.
You can find these in the scrapbook dept. I bought mine at Archivers. My other favorite
ready-made tabs are from a company called 7 Gypsies.