Another 3x5 binder question

I would love to have a 3x5 binder like the cheap ones at Wal-mart, but with only 1/2" rings. Does anyone know if there is such a thing? (I particularly like that they have only two rings.) Or if there's an inexpensive planner binder for 3x5 pages that has an appropriate punch available to match it? (I don't want to use a "nice" planner, because I intend to take the binder out and add it to something else. I'm not sure exactly what yet. I do not want to give up my wire-bound pocket Day-Timer calendar, etc., but would like to be able to add a small ring-bound 3x5 system to it for next-action lists, etc.)

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I hate to say it....

...but Levenger has a really cool 3x5 binder that's not the Circa PDA. It's bound on the long edge, and the cards are perforated so you can tear the smurfs off, and have normal 3x5s. You might find this is what you need--I don't remember the size of the rings, but I have a bunch of cards on 1/4" rings, and it's nice and compact.


Please help

Jon, I couldn't find this on the site. Do you happen to know the name of the product, so I know what I'm looking for?

Be blessed!
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Right here

I found three really quick:
Leather 3X5: $38

Simple 3x5: $8

Set of 3: $42

These aren't agendas, just noteobooks with the rip-out perforated pages. HTH

Almost forgot to add that these are all sale prices, so they may be discontinuing them...


Thanks. :)

Am going to look right now.

Be blessed!
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i cant believe how the price

i cant believe how the price of the 3x5 leather has shot up by $20 so that it is now $58. thats kind of insane. i have seem other insane price increases and lots of different prices.

Check your local college bookstore

In our community, Chico State's bookstore is the only place I have found such fun things -- along with Myndlogy (did I spell that right?) they also had some hard cover two ring 3x5 binders. Also had some 3x5 pouches (closed on three sides with a flip lid that snaps.

The Passionate Pilgrim

Binders, 2 hole, for 3x5 cards

I haven't seen the Walmart binders but I recall seeing something similar at Target with really thin covers.

Office Max stores in Cleveland carries an Oxford 73501 binder (white) that is similar in construction to a Avery "Durable" presentation binder. I haven't seen them at my local Staples.

The binder has 2 holes that are 4 1/4 inch apart (standard 3 hole spacing). However, it has 1 inch rings and costs $6 each. It has transparent exterior "pockets" for labeling purposes. I've been using them for several years and they hold up well.

Even with standard paper hole tearout is not too big of a problem. With standard index cards, they give you 50 pre-punched with the binder. The binder is almost big enough to hold 4x6 cards; 3 1/2 x 6 is about the limit.

Good luck

I think

I think this is what I have. Unfortunately, it's way too bulky for my purposes. I will have to check out the Levenger thing.

Be blessed!
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Replace the rings?

Could you buy some 1/2" binder rings and swap them in? If the 'binder cover' is two pieces, it seems like it'd work. If it's one-piece, perhaps not.

Try Mead Ring-Dex

The holes are the same spacing as standard 3-hole letter paper
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I saw some China made 1/2"

I saw some China made Selectum brand 1/2" ring binders in 3x5 just today in Montreal in a dollar store.

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