A4 calendar kit as graphics

I am rather new to all this but have been using Filofax on and off since around ten years ago - and have been on a Palm Vx for a couple of years, too, but abandoned it again.

Now I am a mother of two small children and my husband is getting older, his memory is getting larger and larger holes *lol* and I find that I have to remember more and more for others, so I've bought me a Filofax again. It's pocket size because it has to be small enough to fit into my purse, which also is why the hPDA foramt does not work, it is to "loose".

Aaaaanyhoooo...*sorry, I alway tend to give a lot of context *lol*), I've spent days and days with trying to tweak the templates from here to fit my needs. I found the the graphics (png) edition of the hPDA works fine (I import hem into Corel Draw where I do my tweaking, translation etc - yes, it might be old school but I tend to always go back to Corel Draw for things like this) but there are some templates from the A4/Classic calendar kit I'd really like, too...but I cannot get the printing from PDF files to work very well since I then have to cut my pages BEFORE feeding them to the printer and I actually find a lot easier with creating 4 pages at a time on my A4 format. The margins get screwed and skewed, the pages sometime sdo not print exactly on the back of the front page print etc...

But alas the A4/Classic ed's do not come in graphics format, only in PDF...at the moment I only have Adobe Reader so I have to take "snapshots" (a relatively new feature in Adobe Reader, I think) of each page and paste int into Corel...but then the quality gets really bad - to bad, since I have a colour laser printer.

Is there any chance we'll see png versions of the A4/Classic calendar kit in the near future and maybe as a standard later? Or maybe the the way around, the same preprinted calendars we can find as A4/Classic will get made into hPDA before the year ends? (there actually is a note saying that they might be done by the end of March, if menory servs me well).

Kind regards,
Bettina from Denmark
with a Filofax Domino Pocket

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