Photos of current notebooks and hhPDA

Here are the photos. Sorry for the blurry ones. I'm a really bad photographer. :(

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Very nice!

I'm curious - what kind of index cards do you have in your mini hpda?

I'm debating on color coding my Daily Repeats and Weekly... :)

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Color Coding

Thanks to you, Sara, and my local printshop, I have colored cards galore, and I find color coding very useful. I use neon yellow for work, green for personal, pink for shopping, orange for travel arrangements(flights, etc.), and so on. Color-coding makes it so easy for me to find what I want quickly.

:D I am glad your local

:D I am glad your local print shop hooked you up :D

I really think that color coding and icons are going to save me. or at least I hope so ;P

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They're Mead, I think. Although I need to switch from cards colored at one end to cards colored all over, because half the full card looks plain (no stripe).

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Are the two smurf punches centered? How do you consistently punch the smurfs in the same spot?

Centering smurfs

I line up the left edge of the card with a spot on my portable punch.

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I believe I have a bizarre

I believe I have a bizarre super hero power... aligning things. I have a pretty good eye for seeing if things are aligned, straight or level. O.o Now if only I could fight crime with this gift. ;P

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