Question about Letter Size Circa Zip Folio

...for those of you folks that bought one new that included the Circa notebook insert: What size discs do you use ?

I snagged a letter and classic/junior zip folio off of eBay and neither came with an insert.

I tried the Circa XL in the letter size and it does not work - period. Next, I tried Rolla Jumbo (same as Circa Large). They work, but I cannot use tabbbed dividers.

Both Circa XL and Rolla Jumbo discs work OK in the Junior folio.

Humph. I have to wait until I get home to try Rolla Large. I only brought the two biggest size discs with me today, having grandeous expectations.

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Which folio

I bought the Folio Office, and it doesn't come with a Circa--just the padded paper. In it, I suspect I could get the 1" rings, but only have 3/4" rings in there now.


I have the evergreen zip

I have the evergreen zip Circa in letter size and use larger rings. Don't know the name of the size, but I just measured and they are a tad over one inch diameter inside the flange of the ring. (I measured the flat part only, not the rim that catches the paper.) Hope that makes sense.

It closes fine, no problems.