Weekly GTD Combo Page

Right hand margin page with Next Action, Waiting For, Projects and Someday/Maybe.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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Based on the 0.6 Widget Kit.

There is not a whole lot of space here, esp. for projects, but that is on purpose. If I try to do more then 6 or 7 projects at a time I am going to drop things.

There are no labels for the columns on this page. I generally use the the right hand next action for a project or location code if needed. I use the left-most column under Waiting For to note progress and the right-most for a date, sometimes the other is useful for a project code or the like. I use the left-most column under projects for a project code.

Designed to be used with my 2006 weekly planner pages with dates. Formatted for a right hand margin, two per standard size letter pages and two pages with only one form per page.

Creative Commons
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PDF Reader or Open Office 2.0 Draw
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