Circa Hipster template

Templates for a Circa PDA. The card titles are at the bottom rather than the top. Includes cards for next actions, waiting for, projects, agendas, errands, someday/maybe, loaned items, websites/books/films/music to check out, gift ideas and notes for Good to Great and Made to Stick.

Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Usage advice: 

Works well on a Canon Pixma 4000

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Any pdf reader
hpda-jfs-060107.pdf352.44 KB
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Nice job Jason! Thank you for sharing them on the site!
nay nay

I like your great hipster

I like your great hipster pda pages. How do you print these out? Do you print them directly on index cards? Otherwise it makes for a lot of paper and cutting.

Two ways...

If your printer can handle individual cards, go for it, otherwise, use the 4-up versions and print to a letter/A4 size piece of card stock and then chop away.
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The original word document?

Hi Jason

Would it be possible to get the word document you used to create the pdf file? I think you layout is great. I'm setting up an A5 folder and need to move the headline to the top of the page. And add a few extra pages :-)

I will of course upload the file here :-)