Rolla Discs and Circa Punch - Problems?

I'm contemplating picking up the circa desk punch; have the portable one already. I've been trying out circa since building my wife's planner. Well, we're hooked. So, a bigger punch would be handy, as well as more discs. So, out of a desire to be financially responsible, I'm going to grab some Rolla discs. Interchangeable without issue? I'm supposing so, but want to make sure before plunging.


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Same thing

They're the same product -- Levenger licensed the technology from Rolla. I use Rolla dics with my Circa punched paper and rolla paper with no problem.


That's what I thought, but wanted to confirm.

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I've got a few Circa notebooks from Levenger, a couple Rollabind notebooks, and a Rollabind desktop punch from Wilde Ideas. They all work together without any issues.


I actually emailed Rollabind

I actually emailed Rollabind a few months ago to verify if the discs are interchangeable. I received a reply that they are.

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I put a comment in the wrong place and I can't delete it. It must be Monday.

After using the portable

After using the portable Rollabind punch for about two years, I finally broke down and got the desk sized. I wish now I hadn't waited so long.

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It is easier to get it done in one punch isn't it?

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