Journal advice needed

I'm having Journal Issues -- basically, figuring out what to journal in. I like writing in my classic-sized Rolla notebook, but I don't like having a journal in loose-page format. I like bound books better for journals. But carrying around a classic-size bound journal makes my already-heavy bag weigh even more. So I bought a small Moleskine-style journal that fits in my pocket, but they don't last long and I don't like the smaller writing space.

Argh! So what should I do? Maybe use the Rolla pages and then bind them together once a month or something? What would be a good method for binding?

I'm so confused. :-/

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You could use a kind of stab

You could use a kind of stab binding when you collect enough pages... (loose leaf pages would probably work best).

You could utilize a non-standard size rolla notebook of your own construction and swap out pages whenever needed.

You could bind your own journal in the size and design that suits you best. If you have never bound a book it sounds intimidating - but I assure you anyone can do it. I can recommend books if you need some titles :D

Are you opposed to loose papers or just having your journal as part of your rolla/circa planner setup?

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Loose papers

I want to be able to have the pages in order and not able to easily come apart in ten years when I reread my old journal entries. Keeping a journal in my planner is easiest for the moment, but I want to have a nice book down the road. Circa isn't permanent binding, after all, and I want something my niece can laugh at long after I'm dead. :)


What about using a moleskine cahier, in whatever size works best? They come in small (pocket), medium (close to classic) and large (not quite letter size), and their thinness makes them light and portable...yet they have enough pages to last a little while. Well, unless your journal entries are novel-length :-)
I use the large size for a writing notebook, and for my morning pages also.
And the bonus - they come three to a pack!

I like writing in my

I like writing in my classic-sized Rolla notebook, but I don't like having a journal in loose-page format.

On the contrary, this is exactly why I like journalling in the loose-page format of a Circa notebook. It means I don't have to carry a separate journal in addition to my daily planner. I just write on a blank page and later move it to its tabbed section at the back of the planner. And since I have a few sets of the translucent Circa notebook covers, I can make up a notebook and put those loose journal pages in it. At the end of the year, I will have my 2007 journal in the chronological order of dated entries.

Does the loose-page format mean the pages will come out easily? Not likely. A colleague who was recently introduced to my letter sized Circa, held up the inside pages by the edge, and they didn't come off the Circa rings. I explained that they are held in place by the slight groove in each ring.

Will the pages come off in 10 years? Maybe. After a while, and especially thro many turning of the pages, the notched edges do get folded back. But I expect I will bind the collected journals in a more permanent form when they are completed for each year. Meanwhile, this loose-page format is really working for me. And because I don't have to reach for a certain journal but literally just write where I am, I find I'm writing more, too!


Not a bad idea -- store each month's in an archive binder, and then bind them permanently at the end of the year. Excellent! Thanks!