Moleskine - Circa PDA mesh-up

I wouldn't want to offend any "believers", but I have to ask this question before giving it a try. Please bear with me... and let me know what you think.

I love the moleskine look and feel - of the cover, the paper and the elastic band. Also, I love the flexibility of the Circa system and the different options that it offers. I was thinking that you can possibly have both of best worlds after some initial DIY effort. My plan was the following:

I have already bought a punch and Circa rings - still on its way here. I was considering buying a Moleskine pocket reporter and cutting off the cover and back and use that as the covers for the Circa - Moleskine PDA mesh-up. I would also cut out the paper with a ruler and cutter, punch it and stick it in for lists, notes and the likes.

Advantages that I perceive:
- The cover will fold back.
- The elastic band will hold it together and allow me to clip a pen on it.
- The cover will have that great moleskine feel.
- I will have the back pocket for loose scraps of paper.
- It will have the great paper.
- You can move the sheets around (ideal for lists).

The only question I have is: can the desk punch fit and punch the moleskine cover?

So what do you think? Is it a good idea or am I a little mad??

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:) Great hack...

Someone in our circa-circle has already come up with a hack for the cahier... PIC

I'm not sure how thick the back cover is but I would suggest trying it on a similar scrap item before disassembling you moleskine. (Or at least I would since they are a bit on the expensive side).

Best of luck... let us know how it turns out

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Probably won't fit

I tried my wife's pocket Moleskin, and it won't fit into the desktop punch. It's too thick.

However, if you have some thinner cardstock, would it work to punch that, and glue that to the inside of the Moleskin? It might look ugly, though.

There are some things to say for trying to hack these together, or maybe creating something on your one similar. There are lots of resources out there to help. Try Googling.


experiment a bit

You are no more mad than most of us…

I don’t know if the Moleskine cover will fit in the punch. I only have the portable punch with me now and the cover will not fit. I do use both a small Moleskine and a Circa PDA, but I carry them as two items. I have tried to figured out a way to combine them and thought of creating some kind of holder which will contain them both. Your idea seems much more compact. Don't be afraid to experiment and see what works. Keep us posted.

Punching thick stuff


The thickest material I've been able to punch (with extreme difficulty) was a piece of fiberboard that my USPS stamps came packed with. It's stiff like the back of a legal pad, but I think it's thinner.

DH's spiffy ruler says it's about 5/100ths of an inch thick. That is, .05 inches.

It was very difficult to jam it in there, and took about all of my weight to punch it. I was punching 9 holes in the top edge.


Great paper is in the ink of the beholder

I've heard a lot about Moleskines, though I have yet to buy one due to various complaints I've heard about paper quality (or lack of) when using fountain pens. I guess their suppliers are not consistent, or perhaps vary depending on the size of the book?

I have seen knock-off versions of them at Staples (and other places now) though I can't help thoughts of "I could do that" whenever I pick one up. I've got nice paper, a punch, and can easily cut a piece of elastic to fit. My feeling is: if I'm going to dis-assemble a Moleskine just to Circa-fy it, why bother paying for an assembled notebook in the first place? Better to spend the money on the supplies and crop-and-punch my own.

My opinions, not trying to flame you!


I made a mocksine... muwahahaha LINK It wasnt too difficult.

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A pocket is a must

For all the bad press I've heard from fountain-penners about Moleskines, I did "borrow" one idea from them for my planner and my hPDA -- the integrated pocket. On my planner, this is a slash pocket on the back cover, and my hPDA has a slash pocket/tab combination.

I LOVE the pockets. I'm constantly using them. My hPDA's pocket is perfect for holding coupons, loyalty cards and receipts, and my planner's pocket is used as the "mobile inbox" when I'm not at my desk. I never thought I'd use them and now I can't imagine not having them.


I'm in the process of working out a "Book of Books" ... I want to make it for a dear friend's belated birthday present. I will be making sure to have a pocket in the front and the back ... and I was even thinking how cute a lil library checkout card would be for the card :D I will be using the same construction method I used as the "mockskine".

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Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I am really looking forward to getting the punch and go off and give this a try. I'll have to give the covers some thought. If I ever get somewhere with this, I'll share the pics.


I did it!!

I initiated this thread and thought it would be fair to keep you informed of progress.

I eventually got my Circa punch and discs. Since then I have played a lot. In the end I didn't make a MoleCirca combo with the pocket reporter, though. Instead, I have made a mesh-up with the normal sized planner+notes and a notes section (from a moleskine notebook). It is still slightly WIP, and therefore pics will have to wait, but I did want to tell you what I did and why.

At work I used a 3cm (bit more than 1") thick leather A5-sized (aprox. classic size) planner. It is great for work, because I can keep everything in it. However, since I don't like to have my life in too many separate places, I also kept personal stuff in there, so that everyting was in one hub.
In terms of feeling organised it worked well; however, it was not so portable in spite of its A5-size.

My girlfriend has the moleskine 2007 planner+notes. I like moleskine a lot and the layout makes a lot of sense (I have gone to weekly task lists instead of context lists, because I had too few work contexts). It was not for me, though, because the notes section was a little small.

That's when it struck me and I came to an ideal solution to many of my issues with the set-up I had: Using 0.5" circa rings, 1 moleskine planner, 1 moleskine notebook, and a *cutter*, I have combined the planner+notes as my agenda section and moleskine ruled paper for my other sections (inbox, personal lists, personal reference, and personal projects). I use the moleskine back with the elastic band and use a black front cover made out of some black cover I had "lying around".

It is now thin and combines all I need when I am away from work and is portable enough to take with me. Also it allows me to add an extra notes sheet to the agenda week when I need to. When I am at work I simply slide it between my A-5 planner.

I am one happy bunny... for now ;-)