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I'd like to subscribe to the Creativity category. I got the impression from the page describing subscription to various parts of the site that this is possible. However, the link to the list of categories from that page doesn't seem to work, and I can't seem to figure out on my own how to subscribe to this particular "thread" of blog posts. Can someone help me out? Or am I misunderstanding and this is not possible? Thanks!

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I haven't figured this out either...

It worked--sort of, at one time, but a recent major upgrade took place, and since then, nothing seems to work like it did.

However, you can follow individual discussions like this one, by clicking the RSS button right below the original post and above the comments, and you can RSS the main page, and this link: feed:// seems to aggregate _all_ comments, but I haven't been able to figure out the syntax for categories, and I suspect there may be none now.


Feeds for categories

I see that I need to redo the feeds for categories page. Thanks for pointing that out.

If you're using Firefox (and, really, you should be), there's nothing to "figure out" -- Firefox will automatically discover the available links for the page you're viewing. So, going to the Creativity category, either by using the Article Topics block on the top left or by clicking the topic links in a posting, Firefox's address bar's feed button will show a popup menu of all the relevant feeds, including one called "RSS - Creativity," which is the feed you want.

After all that, the link to the Creativity feed is

Following, the feeds for each category will be the url for the category with "/0/feed" appended.

I'll rework the howto pages so that's more clear. Sorry for the confusion.

Wow; you learn something new every day!

My first response to your reply was, "Firefox has a feed button?!" Then I looked up and, sure enough, there it is. I didn't even know that was there. (Duh.) Thanks!

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