Is it just me?

Hi. I love D*I*Y, but I'm having fits trying to make the weekly planning calendar fit one of my needs. We live in the country and so businesses keep short hours. I've been trying to use the weekly planning to give me one place I can put what's open when: vet, town clerk, library, etc.

Can someone suggest a better form I could adapt for this?

As long as the hours run 8-5 M-F, there's no problem, but almost all of the places I need to track have nighttime and/or weekend hours too.



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Made comment before I realized I could edit original post, which I've done.

Calendar Package?

Does the Calendar Package have something that works well for you?


Sources Template

You might also want to consider keeping the local businesses you frequent in a Sources form, where you can put the contact info, hours, etc. At least then, it's a short look-up to help schedule your days' errands and calls.

all my best,