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Wow! This has got to be the best day so far coming across this site. I had recently purchased a half size 3 ring binder in hopes to create my own planner. I also managed to score 2 clearned 5 ring tabs for it too. But I hadn't been able to locate any templetes to print and to work with!

Anyhow... My name is Erica and I had been always on the lookout for the best suiting planner and couldnt find one! So I decided to go on a mission to make my own. Everything I see has the same problem! I want the 7-8am-10pm not just till 6pm... Is there a way to alter the weekly schedule for the A5 2 on one page? Also, is there a way to rename the titles?

Thanks and sorry if this was posted in the wrong area!


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There is a 24 hour day

There is a 24 hour day keeper: One blank to write your hours in, and one with the hours printed. Maybe somebody else has suggestions on template design and the widget kit which is not something I've tried. all the best.


Thanks so much for the

Thanks so much for the suggestion. Viewing it now :)

Another Option

I am newish too :)

I don't like keeping an hourly calander for my days- it gets bulky fast.
What I like to do is do a "Time Map" for each day of the week to plan what usually happens (since I am in school again this is stuff like classes, study blocks, workouts, making dinner ect) this builds up my daily routine (I change these out when what I do changes)

Then I use a weekly page to keep track of unusual appointments.

I put a sample here:

I can't open the file. I

I can't open the file. I dont have open office. Can you take a screen shot?


OOo and screenshots

McHall has kindly submitted a few excellent templates to the Template Directory, so I'm making a few screenshots for her before publishing. You should see them there later today.

all my best,

McHall's Template Submissions

You'll now find three templates by the talented Ms Hall in the Templates Directory, including this one, complete with screenshots.

all my best,


Long daily schedule, and changing template text

In the official D*I*Y kits, there is a 24-hour calendar, but currently it's only weekly. If there's any interest, then I can certainly make a single-day version.

As for changing titles, it's possible, at least in Acrobat Pro 7. (I haven't tried this in any other application.) Most text in the official kits can be changed by going to Tools -> Advanced Editing -> TouchUp Text Tool. (Make sure you have the free Blue Highway fonts installed first... you'll find them in the Widget Kit.) Then simply click on the text you wish to change, type in the new text, and "Save As...". Done.

This is a great tip for people wanting to do translations into their native languages, by the way, and it's something I suggested to a few people eager to have Spanish and French versions of the kits. (If you do make a translation, I hope you'll consider sharing to others!)

all my best,