Exo-Skeleton Hipster

I'm particularly proud of my new "skin" on my hipster. I previously posted an image of my first hipster that used a single caribiner to bind them all together, but after a few comments that it looked like I was carrying a stack of my recipe cards, I decided to come up with a bit more conference room ready look. I'm not sure I have acheived the perfect look but I have achieved perfect functionality without the stares. I created it with some black card stock and hockey tape and 1/2 inch binder rings. I first cut 4 black cards slightly larger than the 3X5 cards to acheive the binder look. Then I glued two cards together for the front cover and two cards together for the back. I bound them together with red hockey tape. I laid down some tape then put the cards about a half inch or so apart at the spine (the tape) and then put some more tape on the inside so that the tape's sticky sides adhered each other and the edge of the cards. Then I trimed off the excess tape with scissors. Since the cloth tape is flexible it easily bends all the way back to allow for laying flat or folded backwards. As you can see, when completely shut it looks like a regular book. I always carry the hipster in my front pocket of my pants and it is surprisingly durable.

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Very nice

It's got the Moleskin look going for it, sans the elastic loop :-) What did you do with the banker's clip that you had in the old version?

It's still there

If you look close enough the banker's clip is still there. Somewhere near the back.

I think I will experiement with adding an integrated elastic loop.


Just wanted to say that the Hipser PDA you made looks great...I want to make one just like that. Have you made any recent changes or improvements on it?



I'm trying to create a hipster PDA that is more durable than a stack of index cards clipped together and your set up looks great!

I was just wondering what type of sections do you have it divided into and did you make the dividers yourself?

Looks Great!

I just wanted to comment and say that it looks great! It really makes me want to make one for myself. ;)

i was wondering how big the

i was wondering how big the pieces of black cardstock were...