Simple Day Plan System 5 x 8

Simple Day Plan System - 5" x 8" index card format.

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Ideal for people who have relatively few appointments and to-do items. Great for people who like to travel really light.

Consists of blended Appointments/ToDo area, Notes, and on the reverse, Agenda (can also be used as a free-form expanded ToDo list), Daily Tasks Completion Indicator, and Evening Items area.

Using the Daily Tasks Completion Indicator (DTCI) is simple. At the end of the day, review the number of tasks and appointments completed, and divide by the total number of tasks/appointments that you started out with, then circle the appropriate percentage. The DTCI acts as a reminder of what still needs to be done and acts as a quick visual indicator of your day's progress. You could even choose to mark your
intended goal for the day with red ink, and the actual results with ink of another

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...not so simple ;-)

just great for today things!
Still a lot to jot from one card to the next - or if to-do's are coming again next week or month.
I've got got the computer - but some of the days are so busy and it helps a lot to have a seperate paper with the days absolutes - so I still have it in front of me whatever I work with or are.


3" x 5" format?