Keep Track of Rotating Chores

I share my suite with three other girls. Two bathrooms, the kitchen and the floor need to be cleaned every week. My suitemates and I have a clever way to keep track of who's in charge of doing what. If you have suitemates or kids, or if you need to remember what you're supposed to work on this week, check this out!

Refrigerator door wheel

We use a simple refrigerator-door wheel to keep track of the tasks we need to do. We drew the wheel on a letter-sized sheet of paper, then drew lines to divide it into four parts. We labeled the four parts "Bathroom", "Kitchen", "Bathroom", and "Floor." That way, we all alternate between cleaning the bathroom assigned to us and cleaning a common area.

A resident from ages past left a magnetic poetry set on the refrigerator, so we chose words from the set as our markers. I chose "chocolate" because I'm a chocolate-powered geekette. =) We placed our markers on the chore we needed to do that week, and we agreed to move our markers forward after completing our chores.

The chart makes keeping track of chores a breeze. For example, this week I cleaned the kitchen. After I finished with my cleaning-the-kitchen checklist, I moved my magnet to the next entry. Next week will be my turn to clean the bathroom.

Having a physical chore-tracker makes doing the work a little bit more fun, and it certainly cuts down on finger-pointing. Besides, I like moving my magnet forward. It gives me a sense of progress! Tip: Kids might like brightly-colored magnets or picture-magnets with their photos.

How do you deal with roommates or kids who don't do their chores? Well, if I don't do my chores, then there'll be a very visible gap in the chore wheel after everyone else does their chores, one of my suitemates will gently remind me. If I move my token forward without actually doing the chores, my suitemates will take a look at the messy bathroom/kitchen/floor and frown at me. We all signed a suitemates' agreement about the acceptable level of cleanliness and the frequency of chores, so if a glare doesn't work, the administration can step in. I don't want that to happen, so I try to do my chores by Sunday afternoon. =) Then I can move my token around. Whee!

More refrigerator-friendly templates next week!

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Great idea. Now I just need

Great idea. Now I just need to get a suitemate that's not as lazy. :P

The wheel..

I like the idea.. I like it a lot actually. My wife and I try and alternate or just generally track the chores. We don't really care who does what, just that it gets done, but it's a bit tedious since we don't track it.

Need to figure out how to do this apply this to ourselves. Your idea looks like it relies on a person able to do each of the home requirements per week. If we have 5 rooms and two people, should it take us a little over a month to cycle through everything?

That looks like a job for

That looks like a job for the Matrix form! =)

Yea we tried Matrix at one

Yea we tried Matrix at one time but it didn't feel nearly as organic as the wheel idea. One thing I thought of was a hybrid, adding extra onion layers to the wheel.. If I find anything that add's traction to our world I'll feed it back to the group.




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