7 Hole Punch

Where can I find a static 7-hole puncher?

I've got a 5x8ish day planner and don't want to be single punching all these holes! ;)



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7-hole paper punch

If you peruse both the Daytimer website as well as the Franklin Covey website I am sure you will find such a punch. In addition,
here is the url of a site that claims it gives best prices on all
such equipment:


Office Depot, only online

When I was looking for a 7-hole punch, I found them listed as "in stock" on the Office Depot web site. After visiting two different Office Depot stores in my area, I concluded that "in stock" meant it was available for online ordering, not "in stock" in their stores.

I ended up going to a FranklinCovey store, but I have one relatively handy.