So in love with Circa Paper

I am at long last giving in and ordering the starter kit from Levenger. My biggest problem is how newly bought reams of 20lb paper will work with the system. I had a similar notebook ( very low quality) years ago and remember hating the paper in it because the tabs would catch and bend. Does anyone have experience with using 20lb paper? My thoughts are to use that for the more disposable notes (inbox stuff mostly) and to put the forms i use most onto heavier weight. That is assuming I ever decide on a format anyway.


I recieved my circa order this morning and am already in love. I got a starter set in each size, a desk punch and an extra set of rings. The only possible drawback I can see right now is the toll of this is going to take on my budget. After handling the lovely circa paper and seeing how perfect their form setup is for me, my barebones office paper templates look just awful. Worse than awful! I'm tempted to toss the few forms I printed yesterday and print up some nicer forms from the template gallery. In fact I think I will do that right now. When that's all done, I will post pictures of how I've set up everything.

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I love the Circa paper,

I love the Circa paper, although using it exclusively can be expensive. For your own paper and for those inbox items I'd suggest 24 lb paper. I've been using it with my new Circa setup and it works well.

definitely heavier paper

Having spent a few days with this, I would say that the heavier paper will definitely pay off. Circa paper is beautiful, but any heavy paper that you can print onto will also work. The thicker, stiffer paper gives the notebook a more solidity. (sic)

Now, the downside is that you get fewer sheets in your notebook, so if you need masses of paper, then lighter paper (or, as you said, throwaway pages), but thicker for the more permanent pages. That's where I'm leaning.


20lb paper

I've been using 20lb paper with my circa notebooks, and I'm thinking it's not working all that well. The tabs do get easily bent and the sheets come loose, and I have to smooth out the tabs whenever I open the notebook. So I'm going to start using 24lb paper and see if that is a reasonable compromise. I'd rather not go to paper heavier than 24 or 28lb because of the weight and not being able to use as many sheets. The notebooks are already heavy a it is.

I agree with Jon on using a mixture of weights for permanent vs temporary pages.


24 is good

I've been using Circa since 1998, and have found that 24lb paper is much better than 20lb.
The smurf wings hold up much better.

20 lb vs. heavier

My current printer paper is all cheap 20 pound paper. It works OK for something used short time like a grocery shopping list for the weekend.

For longer term things like project planning, reference notes, and my monthly calendar pages I use either Levenger or Rollabind paper.

20 pound for inbox should be OK, until you run out of the 20 lb paper. Then buy something better so you don't have to think "How long will I keep this for?" before you start writing.