Poirot's Notebook?

Last night I was watching David Suchet as Hercule Poirot in Death on the Nile and noticed he had a very interesting little note-taking kit. The silver case hinged open sideways, was a bit smaller than a cigarette case, had a tiny silver pen or pencil that seemed to slot in the side, and was filled with blank paper that flipped upwards like a reporter's notebook.

Has anyone else seen such a beautiful little creature around?


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check antique boutique stores in your area. Victoria Magazine a few years back had an article on similar cases, many of which seemed to have been used as "calling card" cases for the upper middle class in the early years of the century (um - the LAST century....)

I've also seen a modern one pretty much exactly like you describe in one of the many print catalogs I get - probably Lillian Vernon (which has tons of silver-plate items, and some sterling, all of which can be monogrammed if one so chooses).

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Silver plated card case with notebook and pen

Hmmm. It was something like this, but a little less precious looking.

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Poirot's notebook

If you are ever in NYC, there is a place on 1231(?) Broadway (this is between 31st & 33rd Streets, sorry I can't more exact) called Earring Plaza. They have a small section upstairs where they sell card cases & cigarette cases. The cigarette cases look very much like the link.
They range in price from about $4.00 to $7.00, if I remember correctly. These items are usually available.
Hope this helps.
And thanks for all your hard work on this site.


Notepad case

I know what you're talking about.
Years ago my grandmother gave me a japanese one that she said she had gotten from her brother when he was overseas. It's gold-ish with intricate metallic drawing on the front and a gold-ish pen that keeps it closed. It had no copyright markings to speak of and I don't know where to start looking to appraise it.


I have often thought that little case was interesting. The only thing I've seen close is an ornate silver plated credit/business card case from Victorian Trading Co.com. It runs about 14.00 USD and is fashioned after an old german cigarette case. I believe the one you linked to is probably more to your liking, but it can't hurt to look. It does have elastic to hold the cards down, and no place for a pen.

I just looked at ThingsRemembered.com and they may have what you are looking for. Very nice selection-without all of the Victorian ornament. One even had a place for a pen.

I've got one around here someplace

Well, mine is copper colored instead of silver, and inset into the top is what looks like a thin porcelain plaque decorated with a semi-abstract drawing of a flowering branch. Slightly Japanese looking.

BTW, the top and bottom of the case both have a short tube attached along the right edge. When you close the case the tubes align and you slide the pencil inside them to keep the case closed. When you pull the pencil out, a spring raises the lid for you.

It's too small to be of any use (ime) but it was too darling to toss, so it's shoved way in the back of some drawer.

The main reason I'm posting is that there should be thousands around exactly like it. You see, it was the offered 'gift for joining' from The Literary Guild book club for years. Before everyone switched to tote bags w/ or without matching umbrellas.

I found one...

How is this one? Scroll to about halfway down the page. Available in silver toned or gold toned...


For $25.

Now if anyone sees anything like this with a loop to attach it to a keyring please let ME know?

Local Gift Store

A local gift store in my area had some aluminum ones. I picked one up for my purse. They were only $6 each. They came in pink, green, black and silver.

Small note cases

Here in Australia I have seen a larger pocket note case in an antique store. It was slightly smaller than an index card. However, I've only seen the smaller cases for sale at the stationer's.

Years ago I was given a small metal notepad case with a pen (it's about the size of a business card). Now I use it as a tiny pocket planner and contact list holder, with some of the Fobster pages inside.

A small case with notepad I found online - http://www.giftsforprofessionals.com/92599999-2201.html

Poirot's notebook @ B&N

Barnes and Noble now carries a notepad that looks just like Poirot's little notebook. I saw them up by the checkouts the other day. Here's what they are: Wellspring Flipnotes

Wellspring Flipnotes

Well, I am about 2 years late in responding to your request but search wellspring flipnotes on the internet. This may be what you are looking for or what you have already found!

Franklin Covey Sells a Notepad Just Like it

Dear Doug:

Franklin Covey sells a notepad that very closely fits the description of the one you saw David Suchet carrying. At their main web site, enter the string "flip notes" (without the quotes) in the search box in the upper right corner. This should take you a screen showing 6 products: the flip notepads themselves in four colors, a pack of three refills pads, and a refill pen. These flip note products are also available in their stores, if one is nearby you.

If anyone would like one of these in leather

Levenger has something called SwiftNotes that works just like the metal ones sold at Barnes & Noble bookstores. The front and back leather covers have loops that align; when you put the included mini ballpoint in place, the book is held closed. It's a small notepad, not a big notebook. It's in their sale section for $9.95. Original price was $38, so it's apparently being cleared out. You can search for AL5770. It's available in black, red, and saddle leather.