One happy camper!

The other day, I mentioned somewhere here in passing, that I had found what I hoped to be a genuine Rollabind desktop punch. It was on a local auction page for the equivalent in USD of $15 (approx). Oh, and it came with 1320 disks to boot! The price was too good to be true, so it was with great fear and trepidation that I clicke the "buy it now" buton, and placed my order. To make me even more nervous, Reepicheep, here, saw my post, and asked me to order one for him too, which I did.

Well, they came today, and guess what! It's the real deal!!!--a genuine RollaPunch PBS1000! New, in box, and about 1300 rings ranging in size from 1/4" to 3/4"! I am so happy! I've already taken some Levenger note pages I bought from Sara here, and bound them.... Oh, and my wife, seeing it, asked me to bind her a book, too! I think she's seeing the light. ;-) I sincerely never expected to find anything like that here, and for that price! I was fully prepared (in a couple years) to pay full Levenger prices once I got back to the States, but I'm ready to punch an play now!

Here's a question, though. If more of these come up here on auction, would anybody be interested in one? I cannot guarantee either that they will show up again, and certainly not at that price, but it's always possible. Also, we shall see what the price for shipping may be, when I ship off Reepicheep's goods tomorrow. Shipping may (but probably not) spoil the deal, but if not, how many could I expect to be wanted?

After sleeping on this, I thought I should say that it would be best to offer this "first-dibs" to those living in Europe. Shipping here from the US is prohibitive, together with the cost, so it would only be fair to them, to offer it to them first, especially when, with shipping to the US, you won't be saving so much as you would hope. Comments?

BTW, I checked last night, and he's got a bunch more for sale! So it looks like something we can do!


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Up here = Canada?

If so, hell yeah, I'm in!

Bad news...

While sending Reepicheep's package to England, I asked how much to send to North America--$44USD!!! At that price, you are just as bad off as buying from somebody on eBay! Bummer... I don't think it would pay to buy here and ship--$20USD (almost) plus $44 is $64. Not so hot after all... Bummer.

i don't know when the prices went up so much! I used to be able to ship 3kilo to the States for about $5USD! Now, it's more expensive to ship to the US than visa versa! I guess that's what happens when you join the EU. ;-)


Shipping from Europe to US

It may still be worthwhile for anyone that is starting from scratch and needs a lot of discs as well. I got a pretty good deal at Wilde-Ideas and paid approximately $45.00 for the desk punch alone, but on sale the discs ranged from $4.00 - $5.00 or so for a package of 40. If you apply the $20.00 difference between the Polish deal and the Wilde-Ideas sale price on a punch that would leave you about $24.00 for discs, which buy about 240. So basically you'd be getting about 1000 discs for free, if my math is correct.

Also, would there likely be a savings on shipping for anyone interested in 2 punches and 2600 discs?


But it's worth keeping in mind that the vast majority of these disks are 1/2" or 1/4" inch disks, and only three-hundred-something are 3/4" disks. Also, I forgot to mention that these disks are not Rollabind brand, but some Italian-made brand. They would make good notebooks, and good scrapbooks. ;-)

I still think these would make more sense for fellow-Europeans who are having a hard time finding these things. Any takers?



... Can you read the brand name ? What is it ?
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I couldn't check the name when I first wrote, because I wasn't at home, but I am now, and the name on the package is Argo. There is a symbol on the disks themselves. It looks like an A made out of two pieces of paper, curled back at the top of the A. I've never heard of them before, and, like I said, the "country of origin" on the package is Italy. HTH


Can't wait ...

Lots of public thanks to Jon for agreeing to act as intermediary for me ... I don't know a word of Polish, except for the name of the guy who invented reverse Polish notation. ;-) We were both rather scpetical of the sale but Jon has the proof.

We'll see how much the shipping comes too. Like Jon I would eventually have bought one; intended to visit one of the few UK distributor for Rollabind in the next twelve months so as to avoid paying the postage, which although not as costly as shipping a punch from the US would still have been a costly extra.

Now I have to learn patience --- and I don't mean the British name for Solitaire. ;-) What am I going to bind first?