First attempt to suit a Filofax Classic A5 to my needs (pen loop woes)

Hello everybody and thanks for the nice reading you provided me all as this is my first post.

I just received my (very) beautifull Filofax A5 and I am yet having some sort of adaptation to my needs disorder. Let me explain. I daily write with a Pilot Vanishing point fountain pen and so this would me the pen of choice for the Filofax. So I just take my fountain pen in one hand and steady the Filofax with the other... and nothing. The pen seems too wide to fit in any of the two pen loops the binder has. No way to get it in.

So I start widening the loop with wider and wider pens to a point I can't seem to widen it more. The point is that it is not yet wide enough for THE pen I want.

So from one situation two questions :

- Has any of you managed to fit a Vanishing Point or a wide pen in a Filofax binder ?
- How may I widen safely the loop without ruining it ?

Thanks for reading,


P.S. : By the way, please note that Filofax A5 and Exatime 21 seems to have exact same punch holes but the two series of three holes are further from each other on the Filofax so keep it in mind when buying a punch and don't make the mistake I made... :(

P.S. : Excuse my poor English as this is not my first language (I am French for those who care).

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I would suggest...

... adding a new loop. I suspect this binder is leather. I would take it to a shop that repairs shoes as that involves the sewing of leather. Ask them to make a new loop for you.

If this binder is cloth, you could add the loop yourself by using a needle and thread.

Good luck.
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Yes, leather all the way.

You're right the binder is leather made which I forgot to make clear.
Taking it to a shoe repair shop is an idea but it would really mean hurting my brand new and costly Filofax :/ (Well OK I got it half priced on EBay but anyway...)

This will be last on my solution list but I have to keep it in mind though.

Thanks for your words Ygor.

An alternative...

If you are in an area where there are horse farms, try a shop that sells leather goods for riding horses. In the US, it would be called a saddlery or a tack shop. Or maybe there is a shop that sells hand made leather goods like purses.

A talented leather crafter could remove the current loop and replace it with a larger one.

It is going to require a bit of research, but I believe it can be done.

Again, good luck.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

That makes sense

You are probably right, having it made by a professional leather crafter would make a huge difference.

Pen loops


I'm not familiar with fountain pens, but I think some of them include clips on the pen cap so you can clip them to stuff, like your pocket or a bit of paper.

I used to use just the clip in the loop with my pens--it allows more pens per loop (two, usually, three if they're small diameter pens) and requires no modifications to pen or loop.

If your pen has no clip, there may be an aftermarket clip you can buy separately.


This is an idea but...

... the clip would be the weak point about this particular pen and when clipped the pen is nearly too long.

But that is a good backup solution for now. I am still googling about softening the leather to widen it the millimeter I need.

Update, problem solved !

After a day fiddling with pen and filofax, I found THE solution and better than I hoped.
Simply enough, I removed the notepad from the back cover as I never use it (I rip the pages off and file them in a dedicated section in the filofax), then I just clipped the pen to the now unused opening in the cover just near the loop I can now use for say ... a pencil !

I now just love this binder :)