Anyone using/used

I've seen the website recommended on several other fora and was wondering if anyone here has any experience? It is a task/to-do management system that is online, which also allows you to access your items with a cell phone; and will also send you reminders via email or txt.

Any good?

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Remember the Milk

RTM is a fabulous site. I love love love it. I have only been using it a couple of months and I am amazed by how much more productive I am. It has pretty much everything you would ever need to use to categorize/organize your tasks - due date, estimated time, priority, location, etc., etc. - but all in a way that is unobtrusive and simple. The things you don't use (e.g. I don't use "sharing" or locations) don't get in your way. It's so quick and easy to put stuff into, and so intuitive to use, that I no longer spend more time creating my list than actually completing the tasks on it. If you use GTD (Getting Things Done), there are several ways to coordinate them with each other.

Only complaint . . . no way to print out my to-do list on an index card so I can make it part of an HPDA. (yet)

One i did try

I tried it but it didn't fit my list of requirements well... more info: HERE

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I'm like Sara

It is a great site full of great ideas, but it does not work for me. I need more fudge space and even RTM is not nimble enough for me.

Remember the Milk

I have been testing out every online "to-do" software available and have found remember the Milk to be the one that I actually use.

The 4 reasons why I find it most useful:
-It is easy to type in a new reminder because of the free-formatting style. You write "meet mary for lunch Tuesday at nnon" and it will find the correct calendar date.
-Tasks can be automatically added to my mac ICal (or other iCalendar options). 'Lunch with mary at noon" will pop up on my iCal.
-My Pro account works seamlessly with my iPhone remember the Milk app. "Lunch with Mary" will display on my iPhone as a reminder.
-It is integrated with so many other communications methods, that you can access your "to-do" in any application you may be using, such as twitter, e-mail, etc. In other words, you can twitter a reminder to yourself ar e-mail a reminder to yourself, and it will be added to Remember the Milk. You can publish your lists so that you or colleagues can acees the lists that you authorize.


I use reQall ( I can phone in reminders with date and time using particular simple syntax and at the appointed time I get a SMS message to my phone and an email with my reminder message transcribed. Can also enter items via email or the reQall website. $25 / year for 'pro' version. E.g. If I enter "February 15 6:30 PM Call Fred about dinner meeting.", at 6:30 PM on Feb. 15 I'll get a text message on my phone and an email saying "February 15 6:30 PM Call Fred about dinner meeting."

new graphically pleasing app

Anyone tried Teux Deux ?

I tried it out but I need to have something in my face constantly even when the computer screen isn't :)

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