Please stop me. :)

So I bought all this junior-sized stuff from Levenger. Index tabs, slash pockets, so on and so forth.

And now I'm thinking about switching to Letter size.

*thwacks self in head*

I have good reasons for it, honestly. I have letter-size reference material I have to carry all the time for work, and it's not working to have all that folded up in a classic-sized planner. And in a few weeks school will start, and I'll need letter-sized pages for taking notes.

Sometime next week a package from Rollabind will be arriving for me. In it is two letter-sized binders, plus slash pockets and index tabs for both. I'm thinking about taking one of these and using it as my catch-all -- a planner section, a work section, and sections for each of my classes. My planner section won't actually be that thick, because I keep my contacts and such on my Palm.

I'm going to have to carry my laptop tote around me with all the time anyway, so it's not like I have to buy a bigger bag. So this could work.

Hopefully I'll find a use for all that classic-sized Levenger stuff. I'm not prepared to sell it off yet or anything, but I'm annoyed with myself for spending all that money and then changing formats... Bleah.

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Keep it all--

You need time to sort it all out and try the different sizes and see what works best with which size.

I got two classic and two letter-size starter sets, and have ended up putting my planner in a classic and reference materials I carry around all the time in the letter sized ones--meeting notes, materials I give my clients, forms I use, etc. They're all letter size and I like having the letter size notebooks for that stuff. But for my planner that I carry with me everywhere, the classic size is better.

It took me several weeks to work it out and decide how to set everything up, but I like it all now.

keep both sizes

The starter pack I got from Levenger was mostly Letter size, but I found it just seemed too much for a "take with me all the time" type planner. So I got a Junior size. I almost switched back to letter so I could just throw everything including letter size printouts (and smaller) in one notebook.

I went back to letter two days and realized I rarely need that size, and I can just put the few things I need in letter size in the Classic size pocket dividers folded in half.

So: keep both sizes and use whichever one makes sense for the situation.


It's Rolla isn't it?

Why not just put your classic pages in the Letter binder? Isn't that part of the beauty of Rollabind/Circa, that you can mix and match sizes? It is surely worth trying, at least. I'm hoping to give it a whirl myaself. :-)


Simple and logical recommendation

Don't do it! ;-)

I recommend jonglass' idea, but you could also attempt to photocopy and reduce all your reference material to Classic size. This is going to be time consuming based on how much stuff you have, but is another option if you fall in love with Classic.

I myself use Letter because I'm used to it, all my existing notes/references are that size, and I take a LOT of notes in meetings. The extra length/width of Letter reduces the thickness of material I'd produce in Classic. I'm also sort of stuck using Outlook as my calendar and To-do tool, and those most readily produce Letter sized outputs (I can print in Classic of course, but that'd require lots of weekly/daily paper trimming).