Our Template Contest Winner: Bill Parker!

Well, the template contest competition was very stiff, and the results very close. Of the 18 submissions we received, then winnowed down to five for voting by the community, it was Bill Parker (willhparker) and his Recipe Jotter template that finally came out on top. Knowing that templates are generally borne of necessity (woe to he who crosses magentalizarin), I asked Bill about his inspiration and process for making the template.

The seed idea was from my wife, who wanted something besides the blank pages in her planner to jot a recipe down on when someone was telling her a recipe. She travels extensively with her job and is forever in an airport or at some function where she is talking to people. She wanted prompts on the page to help her remember to ask for time, cooking temperature, etc., and wanted something that would fit into her planner. (She's been a Franklin/Covey fan for years).

I ran across your site by accident while searching for health forms for a planner setup for my own planner (for when I had to take the kids to the doctor - I have a hard time remembering what illnesses I've had, let alone the ones theirs) and was truly inspired by the great designs. It took me no time at all to get hooked on the classic core package for my own planner and that's what I based the recipe jotter on - what I hoped for was a clean design with a good balance of prompts. She loved the design from the start, although the design that I finally posted went through a couple of minor changes from her first one. I downloaded the OpenOffice files (which were very intuitive, I had no real problems with them at all) and the rest, as they say, is history!

Bill will be receiving a fantastic little package of Levenger goodies: a Card Wallet Writer and a Walletini Pen.

Thanks for all the great entries, folks! Shall we do this again sometime?

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and the crowd goes wild!!!

Standing "O"vation


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There should be some badge or pic on the page for the template so that people who find it later know it won the contest.

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Congrats Bill!


Great Template

Congratulations to Bill for coming up with an easy to use format. I think DIY Planner picked the best template.

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Congrats, Bill! And all of DIYPlanner! It was a fun time. And yes, let's do it again.

Maybe next time, there could be categories--fun, productivity, miscellaneous, GTD, or whatnot (all just ideas, of course). Of course, this would all require sponsors. ;-)


Humbly taking bows...

:: Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Happy Happy Dance ::

Ohhhh... Ahem... sorry - I forgot anyone was looking -

< humble >Many thanks to all who voted for my design. Personally, I think all the designs were winners and I am honored to be in such great company. Again, thanks to all < /humble >

Now, everyone turn around again so I can finish...

:: Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Happy Happy Dance ::



And how is Bill going to thank his wife for her lovely inspiration? Is he going to share his goodies? If he doesn't, she might print out a voodoo doll page and stick a pin in his writing hand..........