On the inevitable overstuffing of bags

There ought to be an equation to tell you how long it will take you to overstuff a given bag. This should be called something like the "QOst" Quotient of Overstuffability of the bag and appear as a number just above the MSRP. That way you would avoid some bags because you will have them weighing nine pounds in less than 36 hours.

I am saying this because I have numerous bags at my house and no matter which one I use I always find a need to carry more and more stuff in it and then within a week I am looking at new bags in the store. I understand that this has to do with a certain "perfect bag" obsession I have, but still...I have even done some modifying of bags to allow me to carry more stuff but that just makes that particular bag more useful. It does not stop my noticing other, cooler-looking bags and want to buy them.

Anyone else suffer from this?

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Yes, I have had this problem with most of my bags. Haven't reached overstuffed on my new bag, though. Not yet, anyway. It's the size of a small barrel.

Well, OK, it's not that big. But it's 6x12x8 with three big zippered compartments on top and two open pockets on the ends (cell-phone type). All of my ordinary stuff fits fine, plus a huge wad of kleenex, my kids' school papers, and a granola bar or two without even stretching. It's light as a feather by itself, not counting the giant tassel on one zipper that seems to be made from a doorknob with leather fringe. So as long as I'm not carrying six bricks in it, it's not that heavy. And it's cross-body, so I don't get one sore shoulder. Nice.

But every other bag I've owned has either been smaller or more rigid or both, and so my stuff was crammed within moments of purchasing them all.

I am hoping this purse will last a while. If it becomes too small, I'll have to carry my Lands End Diaper Bag, which is essentially a compartmented duffel. That would suck.



Oh yes. I'm looking for the perfect bag, too.

Right now I'm using a TOTES waist pack instead of a purse. It has just enough room for my gadgets (Palm Tx, iPod, camera, and Palm keyboard), my wallet, my cigarettes, and a few personal items. But. I miss carrying my knitting, and in a month I'll need to carry a letter-size notebook (Rollabind binder, actually) and a textbook for summer classes. So I'm thinking about switching back to my laptop tote. (I'll need to take the laptop with me occasionally, too.)

What I really want is a D&D Bag of Holding.... :)

Bag of Holding

...as long as you really get a bag of holding, and not a bag of tricks you'd be fine..


Bag of Holding ?

Right here
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Yeah, but no.


The vision I have in my head of a real bag of holding would be something with a pull string top (a la dice bag) that's about four inches deep (from the outside). It should be non-descript, rather ordinary-looking, and of course it would somehow be attached to your belt or a strap being used for some other device. It should *not* have a shoulder strap of its own, because that would be silly on such a small bag. :)

This bag that you've identified, ygor, is a good bag, but too large on the outside. :)


Could be...

but you need to consider the functional side of things.
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In strict RPG definitions, The BoH "appears to be a common cloth sack of about 2 by 4 feet (0.6 by 1.2 m) in size", but I had Game Masters that would offer up variations according to whim and whimsey.

For the (dice bag/belt pouch) size you cite, the inner dimensions should not be larger than you could reach into with one arm without complications. You would either lose stuff into the bottom, many miles below the opening, or you would have to have additional "Content Management Enchantment" (CME) to let you retrieve a particular item at will/command.

Consider the carpet-bag in Mary Poppins. From its behavior, I'd say it was of finite, but large, interior size with no CME because of the trouble in finding (I think) the tape measure.
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Well, yes, to be strict you'd be carrying a flour sack around.

However, I would suggest that with sufficient skill, you ought to be able to put whatever exterior you wish on one--make the bag first, then cast the necessary spells on it. Of course putting a smaller opening on one would necessarily limit what you could put in. The flour sack could surely carry far more than the small bag I propose. I don't find that to be a problem, personally, as I would likely not use such a small bag for anything bigger than, say, a lunch box or folder stuffed with papers. I have a dice bag that is the same size as I described earlier, and when opened flat (thus becoming a 'hole' on the desk rather than a bag) the opening is about 15" diameter or so.

The first point is to reduce bulk and weight. I wouldn't get any value from a flour sack that way, because that's even bigger than the bag I seek to replace. The second point is to make it look like an ordinary bag so it doesn't become a target for thieves.



Did you see the fuzzy dice?

Down a the bottom of the page was a few "you may also like" items including the big fuzzy d20s to hang from the rear-view mirror. I think I need those!

I am such a D&D dork (still, at 38)...

What's wrong with D&D?

Reese, you say that like it's a bad thing!

Not at all!

You know we all embrace our geekness :-)


nothing wrong with gamers! we exist... but aren't common (or so i hear... often)

GeeK 4 LifE !!!

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I was kidding!

Sorry, forgot the obligatory smileys. Gotta love us gamers! =)


I was just jumping on the Geek Pride wagon :) hehe

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Giant, foam, d20's...

Way back when I was fooling with special effects stuff like foam latex, I wanted to make big, soft, Nerf-Dice -- about basketball size.

Imagine being a DM and pulling them out to throw AT a frustrating player.

"Make your saving throw, butthead !!"
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Oh, that totally rocks. Me want.

(And it's so nice to know that y'all are geeks in more ways then just paper... *grin*)

Anyone know anything about foam fabrication ?

We might have a new business idea here.
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DH knows a little something about foam. He's been working with a guy who imports stuff from China on fishing lures and accessories. One of them is a foam thingy.

What do you want to know?

You could do a soft squishy foam (like movie rocks or that 'egg crate foam' stuff) or you could do a nice hard foam (polystyrene, like fishing floats or insulating panels).

There are, I think, two basic methods--cutting and injecting. One starts with a block of foam which is then cut to shape, and the other starts with a mold of the finished shape, into which is injected molten plastic that foams up inside the mold.

There are open-cell foams (sponge) and closed-cell foams (fishing floats), and they can be made from all kinds of different materials depending on the properties you want in the finished product. Example: some plastics don't take well to paint, some break down when exposed to sunlight, some change color when they get warm or cold...

If you want a large D20 printed with numbers that you can throw at someone without hurting them, you want a soft foam that will take paint or ink. You could also have a beach toy (even a blow-up beach ball painted like a D20 or a D100 would be funny) or bath/hot tub toys (sponge or float, you pick) in all the different D shapes. :)

So, what would you want? :)



Non Expanding Recreation Foam,as opposed to "Narf !" as in "Gee, Brain, what'cha want to do tonight ?"

"The same thing we do every night, Pinky..."

That stuff has got to me moldable. Injection would be the preferred way to go.

The question is whether such chemicals are available to the home hobbyist type. The only foam I know of that I can get is polystyrene which cures to hard foam. Great for model airplanes and such but the stuff hurts if you hit with it.

I'm not sure about inflatable. I'd think it would not have enough weight to throw properly.

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I'll ask


I'll ask DH if he knows of any places to get injectable soft foam.

I do know the home hobbyist type can get silicone in bucket quantities, though. Also soft plastics used to make fishing lures, like worms.

So you could make silicone objects or silicone molds. We've got a bucket of it in the garage. It's two-part stuff, dries a nice sky blue color. We also have a bunch of soft plastics (think fishing worm) which can be poured into silicone molds..

I think throwing a squishy wormy feeling soft plastic die would be quite funny, but I'm not sure you could use it for a real die. :) It wouldn't have to be any bigger than an ordinary die, and you can mix it up in colors--sparkles, opaques, pearls..

It would be a fairly simple thing to cast a die you've already got into a silicone mold, then pour your own soft plastic dies whenever you want. A hot plate and a cheap pot will melt the soft plastic. The colors are powders, I think. I know the sparkles, glitter, and pearls are dry additives..

You'd want to cast a die that has engraved numbers--I'm not sure the soft plastic would take paint afterward.

You wouldn't be able to do a very big die this way--you could plan for the shrinkage as the plastic cools, but a softball made of some soft plastics would be half likely to tear itself apart if it hit something pointy.


I know for a fact that those

I know for a fact that those foam d20 exist. I bought a few for my friend's second daughter. I found them in a gaming store.

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Yep, they do.

Found them through Google.


Handmade ones would still be cool, though.


It says it is a 6 inch d20. That would be kinda softball size.
That could be satisfying enough.
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Out of stock though....

The page lists them as unavailable. Have to keep looking. :(


I never finish anyth


Cute, but I hate messenger bags. :)

i want...

I'll have to rework my budget... again. :) I really like that... a few buttons, pins, stickers and patches... would be much uber :D

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Ever expanding bags

I used to have a problem with collecting way too much stuff in my bag. After a few experiments I found something that works for me. I do this every six months or so...

I transfer all my junk from my usual bag in to a larger bag that has a least 2 sections. Everything gets put into one section in the bag. Then, as I use something I put it back in a second section in the bag.

At the end of a week everything that's been used in that week and moved to the second section goes back into my usual bag.

All the things I haven't used are either put away somewhere at home/work/in-the-car or thrown into the garbage.

The first time I did this it was amazing how many "this will be useful if **insert unlikely event here** happens" things I took out of my bag. Four years later and I still haven't had a time when I've needed any of them when I've only had my bag with me.