Tombow Pens Anyone

Has anyone used Tombow pens? I know, from comments and articles here, some of you have used their correction tape but no one talked about the pens.

Followed one of the Google ads here earlier today and saw this range of pens for the first time. The Tombow 414 Multifunction pen looks to be no bigger than the mechanical pencil I use with my planner but it has not only a pencil but a ball-point pen and a highlighter as well. Rather expensive to buy so wondered if anyone had used them and might comment upon their practicality, sturdiness, cost/performance, refill life, etc.

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Tombow pens

I've used their double-headed watercolor markers and loved them. One end is similar to a regular felt-tip marker, the other is brush-shaped. My late husband and I used them all the time for our art, and we found them to be well worth the price.