Disposable Fountain Pens?

My daughter (9 years old) loves to write and really wants a fountain pen. The dip type is too messy, and I don't want to spend a fortune. I remember buying disposable fountain pens when I was in college, which would be perfect for her--she could have several different colors without any mess.
Does anyone know where I could find such a thing? A google search didn't turn up any.
Or any other suggestions on a good starter fountain pen for a 9 year old? Not too messy, and preferably able to change colors of ink...

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pilot varsity

Pilot makes "disposable" fountain pens. The people at the Fountain Pen Network cited a way for refilling them.

I have yet to purchase a pack... spending my spare change on other goodies these days >.<]

If you do get some, could you let us all know what you think? :)

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Pilot Varsity

I use the Varsity fountain pens at work all the time. As much as I love the weight and quality of my nicer pens, I'm reluctant to risk losing them at the office. I like the Varsity pens better than the other cheapie refillable fountain pens that I've seen at the drugstore. Although, I was at a stationary store a few months ago and they were selling refillable plastic Pelikan fountain pens for around $15 and I bought one and it is quite nice also. Staples used to carry the Varsity in a 3 pack-black, blue and purple, but I haven't seen them there in awhile. Online you can get them in pink and turquoise, too, if I remember correctly. Check out www.pencity.com

Found Some

Thanks to the help, I knew what to look for and called all the office supply shops in the area. OfficeMax had a three pack of the Pilot Varsity disposables, and they are great! My daughter loves them, and the price is reasonable--about 8 dollars for three (black, blue, and purple). Only drawback, is they've reminded me how much I loved fountain pens. I'm going to read some other posts and see if I can find a good recommendation for myself. :o)

Thanks again!

Nanette Andrusiak



Check out that Fountain Pen Network I linked above... there are great threads that recommend pens at various cost ranges... even conversion advice and maintenance info. :o) The people over there are very kind and are willing to answer all questions.

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I also saw inexpensive fountain pens

at a craft store in the scrapbooking section. I think it was "Michael's." If I recall correctly, for about $15-$20 there were a half dozen pens in the package.



I would be careful of buying pens you find in a non-writing section of any store. I used to use pens for art--inexpensive calligraphy pens available anywhere. These were not good for ordinary writing, at least not for me. You couldn't go 'up' with them. They're so sharp they'd dig into the paper if you tried to go up. I recall them being very scratchy, even on paper made for pen art.

But this was 15-20 years ago, so they might be different now.. Just be careful. :)