0.18 mm tip pen for tiny writing

I've been lurking for two or three days now, after a new job inspired me to try for the mumbleteenth time to put together a day-planner that tracks everything but won't dislocate my shoulder. You guys are the best! The community effort, the creative-commons licensing... this is wonderful.

I mentioned the conflict between tracking everything and keeping it carryable. This has been an ongoing conflict for me for almost twenty years. As I get older, I become willing to carry less -- but need to track more. I've found a lot of partial solutions to that, but one side effect is I've learned to squeeze at least a Junior-size page's worth of writing into a 3x5 or business-card sized format. The minute I realize I'm about to write _in my planner_, my handwriting shrinks until (no lie!) the body of each letter is about a millimeter high.

Bold-point pens are _not_ my friends.

So here's my thank-you for all the templates and advice, though it's really only of use to other tiny writers:

0.18 mm tip roller-ball pens: LINK

They come in an 8-color set, too: LINK

(I didn't see them mentioned anywhere else here; if this is a repeat, I apologize.)

(And thanks to the maintainer for not turning off anonymous posting -- I'm not ready to register just yet, but wanted to throw in my 0.18 cents.)

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I have seen several Japan based companies that offer 0.3mm and smaller tipped pens... I wish they were more popular in the US.

Glad you posted... I'm sure other visitors will be interested in those pens! :)

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Another tiny writing person

I was about to exclaim '1mm writing!' thinking mine was decidedly large by comparisment, checked with ruler and found mine to go down to that size too, though it can be as large as 1.5 mm. One of the reasons I was so happy to discover 0.5 mm mechanical pencils. Always been a fairly small writer, but wanting to save on paper, and space was a majour reason for scaling down further.
Nice to have you on board - from another noob. Hi hi, for one thing, I no longer feel a lone freak for my writing :)

Not quite .18, but close...

I like Pigma Micron pens. They have points as small as 0.20mm, and they come in colors too! They are archival, waterproof, fadeproof, and fast drying. I get them at my local art store, but I found them online here: LINK