Diet & Exercise

A daily journal (2 days per page) where you can track what you eat, when you exercise and record a few numbers.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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Use the Notes/Exercise section to record the times that you performed exercises and any abnormalities in your schedule (such as why you missed a meal or an exercise session, when you're sick and your temperature, possible drug reactions, and so forth). It can also be used to explain why you ate if you were not hungry.

Dinner & is the space to write in not just your dinner, but also the extras you might have within an hour or two before and after dinner.

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Many thanks for posting

Many thanks for posting this.

Will certainly print off & use.

Would like to make my own forms but have no IT skills, save basic knowledge of Word.

Thanks! This is exactly what

Thanks! This is exactly what I've been looking for.

Diet and Exercise

Just great -just what I have been looking for - Thanks!


A very nice addition to any planner.

Thanks, keeping a track works

I have been noting down what I eat everyday and I also have a calorie chart with me, but this surely is a great format as I was noting down on a plain piece of paper. This organizes it well. I am on a weight loss program and I want to make this a habit of calorie intake watch for lifetime.