RACI matrix

RACI is a method to assign activities (functions or tasks) to functional areas (roles).
Acronym RACI stands for:

  • Responsible - This position is responsible that work is done (they are “doers”).
  • Accountable - position with responsibility and authority to approve/disapprove task or action
  • Consulted - person(s) who has to be consulted about task or action and who need to provide an input. They are “kept in the loop” by two-way communication.
  • Informed - person(s) who need to be informed about the task or action. They are “kept in the picture” by one-way communication.
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It can be used whenever there is a need to clearly define duties, for example to define responsibilities within project team, to define “as is” and “to be” states or to distinguish between duties of customer and supplier.

You can use this template to prepare a draft for responsibilities in a project, for example a barbecue.

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Any references or specific examples ?

I like the concept but I am not sure I completely understand how it works.

Nice template, too.
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Two examples

1. Meeting
John, Paul, Anne and Sara have a meeting. For a meeting to be successfull they have to book a room, prepare computer infrastructure, prepare flipchart and provide sendwiches and coffee (it will be very long meeting).

  • Meeting should be organized in John's city, so he is R to book a room. Paul holds the budget and he is A for this task. Sara and Anne are I.
  • Anne is IT person and she will be R to provide IT infrastructure (network, power etc.). She can consult Paul in order to know what facilities are available in the meeting room.
  • She is also R to get a flipchart.
  • Sara is R to organize cattering with sandwiches and coffee. Paul, the budget holder, has to be C. John has to be C as well, because he prepares an agenda. All will be I about the time and place for lunch.

Note: Do NOT organize meetings this way! :) This is just to illustrate how RACI matrix works.

2. Sharing responsibilities between vendor and customer
Vendor is providing computer hosting service for a customer. Operational tasks that have to be performed are: data backup, installation of new disks, monitoring and creating new user accounts in the system.

  • Vendor is R to make the data backup. He is also A for that task.
  • Vendor is R for installation of new disks when there is a lack of storage space, but customer has to buy disks so he is A.
  • Vendor is R to monitor the system and customer is I about the status.
  • Customer is R to create user accounts. Since he pays for the licences he is also A.

I hope that these two examples help to better understand how RACI matrix can be used.
Kind regards,

Another example

Another purpose is for project management. You could "RACI" any deliverable in your project.

Nice thought

Nice thought, but I do not see a purpose for a tailor made template. You could instead use one of the general matrices in the core templates. All you would need is a legend. That could be in your head or in a quick reference card (which would be nice to have).

Is there a source?

I like the idea, in large organizations with part time people it would help keep people informed, and accountable. Is there a source(book) for this?

Step 1.a) Elect Honest, Ethical Political Representatives
Step 1.b) Create an Educated Society
Got problems? See Step 1.


RACI source

There are some useful books on Amazon if you search for them.

Also, these might be of interest -

RACI diagram on Wikipedia
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