Requests for D*I*Y Planner Hipster PDA Templates?

I'm going to take a little break from the Classic v3 templates for a few days to stretch my muscles (although I did manage to get a nice few done).

Any requests for Hipster PDA templates? (And please don't ask for dated calendars! argh... My head is spinning enough already....)

I have about a dozen in process, but I'd like to hear what you folks are looking for.


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Hipster PDA templates - music manuscript


I am thoroughly enjoying the Hipster PDA. As a jazz musician and composer (in my spare time, not my main job!) I frequently need to write down little motifs or themes that spring into my head. A template for music manuscript would be terrific.

A little niche I know, but there must be others who could use manuscript index cards for teaching etc ?


hPDA Music Cards

It's on the slate. I could whip them up pretty quickly if you (or someone else) could let me know the exact spacing (in inches, points or millimeters) between the lines of the staffs (staves?), and between each staff....

all my best,

The actual spacing isn't, in

The actual spacing isn't, in my opinion, that critical - I have manuscript paper which is about A4 format with 6 systems (or staves) to the size of an index card in portrait format (1cm per stave, 1.2cm between each stave), and some sketch books for orchestral scoring with 0.5 cm staves, 0.9cm spacing) which equates to just about 9 staves on a portrait 3x5 index card - that's inches, not cm :-). I think I would be (personally) happy with 0.5cm staves on an index card with tighter spacing than 0.9cm.

If you want to knock some up I will happily try them out.

I would like a space/area at the top to note what the music is related to, but the majority of the card should be for getting music down.


Staph in my stack-

You can leverage off my hPDA stack.

The staph is on page 8.

New scribus music manuscript card created ...

Inspired by John, I spent an hour or so this morning with Scribus and knocked up a music manuscript card in the style of Doug's DIYplanner template. I wanted to get more staves on them, but also wanted them to like like the rest of the stack. I have used Scribus for newsletters before, but not for this - pretty easy stuff!

The Scribus template and PDF file are both available.

Doug - would this fit into your collection ?


Music Hipster PDA Card

Pete, I don't think I could have done better myself!

I'd love for you to submit this to the Template Directory so that other folks can easily find it and download it. You might consider pumping out a hi-res PNG and/or 4-up as well, and zipping them up into a package to give a few more options (unfortunately, many of us can't use Scribus), but regardless, it's certainly a template worth sharing, useful to a lot of people.

Great job!

all my best,