Franklin Compact size?

My wife has a Franklin Compact sized planner (4.25" x 6.75") which doesn't get enough use. I think that if I gave her some more appropriate forms that she might use it more. I don't think I could get her to switch to a larger planner size. Any pointers on resizing the Classic sized forms?

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I didn't realize the forums would allow anonymous posting, and I just assumed I had already created an account and logged in. That's my query above.


Compact size templates

I know some other folks have had a certain degree of success through using the hPDA templates. They seem to scale well to that size, I'm told, but I haven't personally tried it.

Whatever templates you do decide to use, the trick is to set up the right size paper on your system, and then tell Adobe Acrobat to scale to that size page (but don't rotate or center). Perhaps some other folks here might be able to give you some better advice that comes from actual experience....

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This is the size I was talking about "twinking" to....

somewhere (sorry, I'm blond, senior, AND a space cadet - don't have a clue where that thread is.... if I find it I'll edit or post again....) as this is the size that fits perfectly in my quite expensive funky custom one of a kind leather binder. And as I said in that thread (wherethehellever it may be at this particular point in time), should I be able to tweak the forms to this size USABLY, I will certainly be happy to give them to whoever wants them.

But this will be MUCH later this winter, after my hunting seasons are done, and once I have finished the writing efforts whose deadlines currently haunt my nights.

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Vkaryl's planner

You gave the size in the "What size is your main planner?" poll.

-- flexiblefine

Yes please share

I'm sure to post whatever method I come up with. Please share your methods as well.


Thanks -

probably would have taken me 'til next year to find it.... I'm sure there must be some way to view one's own posts?

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]

recent posts

To view your own posts, click "recent posts" in your menu at the top-right. On that screen, there's a "my recent posts" tab that will show you the forums and stories that you've posted and commented on.


That's QUITE helpful!

Thanks so much, now I have some clue.... Drupal is great, I'm considering using it with some of my clients who have need for a CMS, so it's nice if I myself can figure it out up front, y'know!

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]

I just found this site

I just found this site today, and used draw to resize the hipsterPDA graphics to 3.75x6.75 size. It worked suprisingly well. Two will fit on one letter size page.