What happen to the "Projects List"?

Great site!! But I have one question...if this is based on GTD, aren't you missing a Projects List or am I missing it?

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Project Lists & Templates

Actually, the very first templates were GTD specific, since I was a hardcore GTD fanatic at the time. However, as the project has evolved, the kits have become more "organisationally agnostic" (as I like to put it). The underlying philosophy is now to give people the flexibility they need to create and use whatever system works best for them, whether that's GTD, Covey, FlyLady, homebrewed, or anything else.

As for the project lists, that's one aspect of GTD that has no "canonical" manifestation, unlike (say) Next Action lists. Some people like to have a sheet or two to gather all the tasks and procedures for a project (like the Project Outline and Project Details templates), others have smaller projects in mind (use Objectives), some like to provide a framework to work towards (Goal Planning), and others like to collect a series of forms and notes in one section tab (like I do). And so on. There's no right or wrong way to keep track of your projects using forms, so use whichever one(s) best suit your methods.

If you have a request for a certain type of style of template for projects, I'd certainly be eager to hear it. Shoot it off to me via my contact form, or leave a comment here, and I'll see what I can do.

all my best,

Projects List

I disagree --- I thought I read/heard(from the CD) that
a projects list was important. It was a short list of all
open projects at the time so that you can scan it and discover "Next Items." Without them, you could do a "Next Item" task without knowing what the followup would be.

I would love to have a "Projects" list rather than a Matrix with
matrix crossed off or a detailed "Project"-plan like page.

just my thoughts

Projects List


As a participant in the 3.0 project, I can assure you that most of the issues regarding forms, layouts, and function have been thoroughly considered. If there is a particular item missing, especially from the GTD stuff, there was a good reason. Sometimes the reason involved the idea of copying too closely someone else's work.

One of the best features of this site is the Widget Kit 0.6. It allows the flexibility to create any type of form you could possibly want. I am a minister. I have been able to customize numerous forms that are specific to my profession. All you need is Open Office 2.0 & the Widget Kit. Both are free. In no time at all you'll have everything you need.


>Sometimes the reason

>Sometimes the reason involved the idea of copying too closely someone else's work.

I had completely forgotten this very important point -- my bad!
I took for granted how close (but not quite touching) to the
system(s) the templates are.

PS Thanks for your (and everyone else's, especially Doug's) hard work
on crafting, refining and proofing these amazing templates. Sadly,
it's easier to moan about 1 thing missing than praise the 300+ things
that are incredible.

Try these options

For a simple projects list, try the "Action" form, the "To Do" form, or the "Project Outline B" form. Note that "Actions" is not "Next Actions," for the reasons MEJ alludes to.

For my own project list, I use the one with the blank line at top. The four-on-a-page format gives me room to note real successful outcomes in addition to a quick project label.

Do you procrastinate?

Projects list in Templates directory

I agree that a Projects list is an important part of the GTD implementation. I wanted one for my own planner so I made one.


cruss hcity net


Thanks Cruss. I like having the form name match its intended purpose. That's probably why my GTD planner is comprised of a mix of diyplanner2, diyplanner3, and independently created forms (like yours).