Any good ideas/hacks for a Page Finder?

I'm using a Letter sized Circa pad for notetaking in various meetings, and using a smaller horizontal Circa plastic cover as my "page finder". Instead of the pricey Levenger inserts I use Post-It notes, and I have an assortment of them on my "page finder". I don't presently use any colored Post-It tags (like the little arrows). I have a post it on the "page finder" to remind myself of my notetaking system (triangle with a dot in it for Action Item, regular bullet point for info, circle with a dot for a question, square with a circle for an idea).

Any suggestions or hacks for this? What are you guys using for "page finders"? The Levenger one is useless to me as I don't ever measure things. I'm presently searching for a place to put my mechanical pencil (I make too many mistakes for pen), so integrating that would be nice, but I also don't want to end up folding or crumpling my notes/papers.

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Do you have the punch?

If so, you'll be able to make one easily. Use heavy cardstock or an old manila folder if necessary. I'd cut up something plastic, myself - an old poly folder or something similar from the aisles of your local office supply.

No punch? How about a long piece of cardstock, say 2" wide by 12" long. Cut 2 vertical slits, 11" long, in 1/2" from each long side and slide it over the page you want to mark. Cut the slits pretty close to the bottom edge, so the top edge sticks up above your marked page as a finder tab.


Hold on now...

I just noticed you also have all those circa junior covers you're trying to get rid of. Just cut one of those to 2" wide and use it. Just move it up one smurf notch from the rest of the planner contents. No need to punch anything new...


I use those neon 3x5s

I use those neon 3x5s punched down from the top as bookmarks. That way I can write on it, scratch out what I no longer need, and write on it again until it's used up, and then quickly replace it. (I should note that I also have all the Levenger goodies for my Circa system, but I use the 3x5s as well.)

That's probably the greatest benefit for me to using the Circa system - I can keep all sorts of disparate notes in one place just by punching them. :D