succumbing to circa

I caved and purchased the junior sized circa agenda. I use 3x5 circa cards as placeholders for the week and use them as moveable todo lists and important dates reminders (meetings, deadlines). I used the agenda pages to write down the tasks I have completed that day. I am carrying the agenda in a refillable journal cover from Borders that is very much like a planner jacket and I may have to utilize dougj's hack for making a cover that fits more snugly so it doesn't slide around. I have been using it for a week and it has lasted longer than any other of my planners did(including franklin covey and a nice daytimer)excepting the hipster. I liked the hipster for portability, but it wasn't quite right for my needs and had a tough time keeping order. Using 3x5 cards with the agenda seems to be a nice compromise and so far is working really well for me.
(do I hear someone saying "welcome to the dark side"?)

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Its always reassuring to hear about people finding their 'fit' so to speak.

I plan on utilizing the circa-force for several things... even if my planner ends up in a different format... at least I have discovered a very helpful method of keeping some things bound and useable :o)

Ps... welcome to the dark side ;P

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How's that cover working out?

I just saw those refillable journal covers today. I thought they looked perfect for what I want but I couldn't tell if they would fit classic sized sheets in a small ring binder. Are you having any problems fitting the agenda or tabs if you have any?

journal cover?

Did you get that refillable journal cover online or at the Borders store? What are the dimensions? Thanks!

Sorry on the late response

Life gets sooo crazy. The cover I got in the store is about 10 by 6 1/2 inches closed.