The Hipster Holster


So... who else besides me thinks that THIS would make an awesome hipster holster? (there's also the hip version HERE)

Seriously, i can see myself buying one of these just to toss my hipster (or CircaPDA or moleskine) and terrorize the city with my wicked note taking skills.


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Hate to be negitive...

But my fist reaction was "WTF?? Oh, that's a really bad idea." mostly because of the placement of the holster and the idea that someone would wear a jacket or something over it.

Mostly because it's designed to act like a gun holster .

IF, and I know I'm jumping to conclusions here, but if someone was 1)wearing something over it so that it was concealed, 2) in a bank / crowded area / bad area.

I could see a LOT of problems with security/ the police when you're just taking out your hipster to note down to buy milk or something.

:shrugs: maybe I'm just paranoid or have little faith in human-kind at the moment.

Some guy with a rucksack got

Some guy with a rucksack got shot by the police in the UK last year, because it looked 'suspicious'. How much more suspicious does a holster look? I can see the streets littered with dead geeks. Bad idea.

Another Paranoid

Hip holster


Oh no, I think you need the hip holster to wear with Lara Croft shorts and a tight tee.

I'd spend all my time fishing toddler hands out of either pocket, so none for me. I have to guard the back pocket of my jeans--they're always after my jotter. :)


No matter what you call it...

Why don't men just give in and carry purses?

Real men...

carry leather brief cases.... ;-)
...with shoulder straps. and handles.

i still vote...

I still vote for messenger bags... they are cute and utilitarian... come in a GINORMOUS variety of styles and materials... I've seen guys in business suits pull off a messenger bag...

oh and they give a guy the "im prepared for anything" appeal :D

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Go Lara!

Ok, while the whole Lara Croft thing is intriguing, it really seems silly to me. I mean, who would wear something like that in public? You'd look ridiculous!

Watch out! Don't make me go all Han Solo on your a$$!


better than the Prince of Persia

Better either of those in public than Prince of Persia. I'm still trying to figure that one out... A guy dressed more or less like Alladin picks up his sword and keeps it in his pants when it is not in use. No sheath, no scabbard, no nothing. Wikipedia article about the game for those not familar with it.


cool wallet

A bit off topic, but I just saw has a dot matrix paper wallet It isn't actually paper though - it is Tyvek! And added to the geekiness, I think it has the digits of Pi printed on it.



coolest wallet ive seen is a DIY project over at Craftster ... a wallet made out of underoos. LINK Haven't made one yet... but its being added to my list of someday maybe projects now that I've been reminded :o)

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I just finished making a prototype for a Tyvex binder: approximately 4.5" x 6" x 3/4".

Here's a link to the thread where I describe how I made it.

Umbra fobster

There always this: LINK.

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Nice, but pricey

You can get a very decent backpack or messenger bag for that much money
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