Moleskine still being used by anyone?

I recently dropped all of my Circa/Rolla stuff into a box and opened my Moleskine back up. I just LOVE the paper. I am not sure what it is about it, but I cannot get away from it! Is anyone on this site still using Moleskines for their daily planning? Just curious to see if everyone went to Circa or not...

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moleskine pics

Oh, and I recently added pics to diyplanner group on Flickr... I found some great "rub-on transfers" at the craft store and decorated my Moleskine - much more "me" now... :)


I agree with you, they are super.

I have settled on a Classic size planner for my main planner, but I am still toying with either a hipster or a moleskine for a satellite -- something smaller and easier to carry. The idea would be to manually "sync" stuff from the satellite to the main.
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replying the right place?

Are you replying at the right place? This looks like part of another discussion. Anyway, I haven't bought a Moleskine, yet.

Short version of the post below: I'm thinking of buying a Large moleskine weekly planner + notebook to use as my calendar. Is there any place to find out where I may be able to find one in a store? I'd like to check one out before shelling out the cash for it.


moleskine calendars?

I'm still using a Circa as my main notebook. Notice I didn't say planner. What I'm finding after only having had this set up a couple days is that having all my project stuff for work, my personal stuff, address book, and calendar all in a single notebook makes it rather a lot to carry around. I have the 1 inch rings and you sort of have to "lift" the pages to the outer edge of the Circa rings to turn them smoothly. I think Ryan discussed this when someone asked him about the 1.5 inch rings. It makes me really glad I didn't buy the biggest ones like I was originally thinking of doing! I'm seeing why the Circa notebooks Levenger sells are the 3/4" rings. I think the Rollabind notebooks are roughly the same size... Any smaller - the 1/2" rings for example and it doesn't seem like you can fit that much in them. Bigger, and you have a large notebook that is not that easy to turn the pages - an odd problem to have. Think about it "I can't turn the pages easily."

I'm thinking of downgrading to two 3/4" notebooks: one for personal stuff (almost like a planner) and one for work. Between the Rollabind and Circa products I've purchased and received from Staples and Levenger, I've got enough material to do this. Or will as soon as my punch from Wilde Ideas gets here tomorrow :-) I'll probably carry a few wallet sized cards in my wallet (there's a shocker!) for capture. Maybe even make the Circa PDA nano I prototyped on my flickr account. The 1/2" rings do actually fit in my wallet without causing any issues. I'll have to post some pictures of that...

There's one thing I haven't decided about my system yet: the calendar component. Ever since I saw it, the large weekly format Moleskine has been looking tempting. Your whole week on one page on one side, a whole page for notes on the other. I believe the dimensions are close to Classic size, maybe a tad smaller which would make it great to carry along with my notebook. The only problem - I can't find any place locally that carries them so I can go check one out before I purchase it? Anyone have any ideas how to find a local Moleskine seller that still sells the calendars? I've already checked Barnes & Noble (only sells the regular notebooks) and Blicks (only sells notebooks, sketchbooks, and the Japanese style accordion book).

As for the satellite - I've never once been able to remember a time I was outside of the office or house and thought "I wish I had my calendar or address book with me." There have been plenty of times I've wished I had just something to write on to capture an idea, a thought, or a friend's address. A couple notecards stuffed in my wallet or pocket and a pocket-sized pen will work fine for that.


Yes, I'm in the right place...

I apologize if it seems otherwise.

Your last paragraph accurately captures my feeling with one exception: I need a copy of my calendar in my satellite, if possible, to be able to schedule things properly.

Still workin on finding a comfortable process for me ... :)
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forgot the circa pda nano link

I forgot to link to the Circa PDA nano ideas I had. two cards per week and some other crazy ideas Just some ideas. What works is going to be highly dependent on how busy you are.


Weekly Moleskine

Kenny - I have pictures on Flickr of my pocket weekly - not sure if that would help you. I also just purchased the Large weekly yesterday and hope to get it before the weekend. I don't know if pictures would help your decision or not... I have not found a store close to me either that carries the weekly...

From personal experience with the pocket weekly, I can tell you I LOVE IT! The weekly is the reason I left my Circa behind. It is nice having to just carry a little pocket notebook and know that I have everything I need with me. No rings, no coil bindings, just a notebook.

So far, so good...
nay nay

large weekly moleskine

Glad you found something you love. For personal use, I need at least a weekly calendar, some kind of address book, and something to take notes on. I don't think a pocket weekly has enough room for me to write everything I want, and I really don't like the daily format.

There's a couple places I've found weekly Moleskine calendars online. I think I'll wait until is see your pics on flickr to decide... So far the only picture I've been able to find is the one at that I linked to earlier. It is late enough in the year that they are starting to drop the prices a little. I just wish they had a hardcover large weekly + notebook. There doesn't seem to be such a thing.

For work, I do need some kind of notebook - and since I've been trying to keep one page per project and then add pages as needed, something that I can add pages to where I want is a necessity.


I want one

Subject says it all. here is the link



you are ninthwavedesign??

I'm not ninthwavedesign

I'm not ninthwavedesign. I don't think I'd be asking about the weekly Moleskine planner if I were. They just happen to have the best pic I could find of the large weekly Moleskine.


This is last year's...

Look at the date !! January 2006 !!

Here's the real thing:

and they appear to have discontinued the 18 month version
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they are cheaper at

Raises Hand

Although I use circa stuff for my tasks and calendars, I use a Moleskine to write in. For me, nothing beats journaling, brainstorming, sketching, and thinking in a little book. I have index cards on hand if my scribbles produce a task, project, or something I want to write up (I number the pages so I can reference the page number). I don't think I could use a weekly calendar as I have to track my work time in 6 minute intervals (1/10 of an hour), so I need some room for every day.

I do the same, now

I have a main planner (which will be a circa shortly), an satellite hPDA and I write and brainstorm in my moleskine. It's prooving to be a very powerful combination.

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Funny You Should Ask

This very week I've started using one of my Pocket Moleskine Cahiers as my planning tool du jour. I printed off an hPDA Weekly calendar then glued (glue stick) it into my Moleskine. I then printed off two "Actions" sheets and glued them in as well. The pages that follow the Actions sheets are for notetaking. On Sunday night I will glue in the upcoming Weekly calendar and a couple more Actions cards.

It's just an experiment I'm doing to see if I will really use a Moleskine on a regular basis. I have three more Cahier booklets after I fill this one. If I successfully fill all of them, my reward to myself will be to purchase a Moleskine Pocket with a grid pages.


Custom Moleskine planners

I use a Moleskine for just about everything these days. Or should I say "Moleskines", as I have a bunch...sketch, ruled, plain, grid, cahiers, various's a sickness, I guess :-)

Anyway, using diyplanner pages, I've hacked a pocket grid Mole for my personal planner, and a lg ruled one for school. There are pictures on my Flickr pages: - under "My Moleskine" set. Pretty simple mods; like Bob, I just gluesticked in the pages I needed, and left as many blank pages as were necessary; Avery tabs create quick and easy access to planner sections The small personal one has a GTD thing going.

It works for me, and I especially like being able to custom-tailor it to my needs, rather than trying to make something work that just doesn't quite fit.



So those pictures are yours?!!!? I have looked at them before and wished that I could draw like you! I absolutely love your work! Thank you for sharing...

nay nay

Weekly Moleskine

So, I received my new "Large" Weekly Moleskine (soft cover) and I KNOW I am going to love this! It is much smaller than I envisioned as I was probably thinking of the classic ring binders and such. The dimensions are: 5.25 by 8.25 inches and only 3/8" thick! And, guess what, it does fit in my purse! YIPPEEE!

Here is what I don't like - I wish there were more empty note pages in the back instead of all of the conversion charts and international codes. I am sure these are helpful to some people, but completely useless in my life. (I just print out pages I do need and tape them over these useless pages)...

Also, note that with the softcover planners, the pocket in the back is not the expandable one, it is more like an envelope... can you visualize that> A flat pocket instead of the expanding kind.

So, that is all so far. I am sure I will take some pics over the weekend. And I am also sure I will be "decorating" this notebook just like my pocket planner (see Flickr group diyplanner).

nay nay

P.S. Talk about FAST shipping... I ordered this from moleskineus on 3/20/07 (tues) and paid regular shipping of $4.45 and it was in my mailbox at lunch today!!! NICE!

I want to go to circa and

I want to go to circa and plan to soon, but currently I am using a moleskine weekly planner. My big problem with it is the binding is seperating and I keep having to repair it. Maybe its because its always in my pocket or backpack and I treat it more roughly than I should but I would like a planner to stand up to this kind of use.

moleskine accessory

Oooops I found another link... ;P


my artwork

that's why we hired

that's why we hired ya!



Link Diva strikes again~!

my artwork

sold out?

looks like they are all sold out? but, maybe we can make our own - great idea for a pen clip!!

thanks for the link!

oh totally, all you need is

oh totally,

all you need is a few strips of fabric and a hand-sewing needle. OF course, a steady hand is optional. :)


i think...

If you contact the creator by email, they make them to order :o)

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shoppin trip

SO ... I went on a little shopping trip over the weekend... not far... just the next city north. I went to Waldenbooks which is owned by Borders. I couldnt find any squared moleskine cahiers and couldnt justify the cost of the other moleskine products. ((oh my they are so tiny lol)).

I picked up a "Paperchase" brand journal... 300 squared pages in a mock leather type cover... and the cost was less than a full size Moleskine.

Did I really need this new item? heckno. lol. perhaps that was the fun in buying it... I haven't splurged in a long time... ((recent rollabind purchase excluded ;P)

I also got a pack of these bad boys from officedepot LINK. If you like fine tipped gel pens... these are divine. <3

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2011 Moleskine Monthly

I realize this is an ancient thread, but I thought it might be a good place to post this question. So, not surprisingly I'm on my fifth (yes 5th) calendar/planner for the year and haven't found one to settle on. Have had a pocket levenger (not circa), a circa, two different moleskines, and my current which is a $2 Target calendar. I don't know why I can't find one that works.

My preference is monthly only as I don't put my work appointments in my personal - just weekend plans, doctors' appointments, etc. But I need space for notes for kids' stuff, etc. So, I'm thinking the Moleskine Monthly (that has a notes page after each month) may be the perfect solution. Previous moleskins were the super small (business card size) and the weekly (too much work).

So here's the question - anyone know where I can get a 2011 on clearance so I can try it out for the rest of the year? Ebay is carrying them for $12 (ouch) and amazon seems to only have the 2012.


Thanks in advance.

Target is selling Moleskines, but...

I doubt you'll find them on sale, because the school year caledars are coming out right now. However, this could work in your advantage. I'd definately keep your eyes peeled around the end of August, beginning of September. You might have to wait a bit before you score one.

You might consider posting in the bazarr section here--maybe someone purchased one this year, but they didn't like it and would be willing to sell it for a few bucks?

And as a last resort, buy a new Moleskine with grids, the size of your choice. You can make your own:

I did this a few years back. It worked amazingly well. Hmmm...maybe I should go back to this=) I had my calendar in the front and used blank pages to brainstorm work activities. When the school year ended, I would make a new calendar, skipping past the note pages. I was able to keep 2 years worth of stuff in here, and look back to refer to the activities of the last year. If you don't want to shell out the moleskine money upfront, ever try grid compostion books? About $2 at Office Depot and with it being back to school, betcha you could get one with a nifty cover...

Hope this helps!


Got a Border's Books near you ?

They are liquidating, so you could get a Moleskine for a song.

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Thanks to both of you

For the responses! Ygor - your timing couldn't be better - I have an appointment tomorrow across the street from the one remaining Borders in my town. Perhaps I shall leave a wee bit early and see what they have. Thanks!!


I went to Borders Thursday and they had very few Moleskines (no planners) and no kind of sale. Went back Saturday - big signs everywhere "liquidating, up to 40% off", etc. but in reality the whole store was 10% off except blu rays were 40% off. I did score a Retro51 pen in my school colors that I had been drooling over Thursday - picked it up yesterday at 10% off. It covered the tax at least.