Cross MicroPen -- not just for old Palm PDAs

Once upon a time when I was still using a Palm III, a friend of mine gave me his Cross MicroPen. (His own Palm PDA had literally flown out of his belt bag and unto the cold concrete tarmac of an airport.) For a while, I put it to good use, until I upgraded to a Zire 72. Since the pen doesn't fit the new gadget's holder, I set it aside as a keepsake.

When I decided to use the hipster PDA instead, I remembered this little pen once again and took it out of retirement. Except for the slight peeling of the paint, the pen is still in pretty good shape.  I created a holder for it by cutting two slots out of an index card.

The pen retails between $6-$12 on nowadays.  A bit hard to find since it's been discontinued. But they're still out there. It's a nice alternative to the Levenger Walletini Pen.  The refills are abundant, so no problem there.

If you prefer pencils over pens, try looking for a Mongol Mini mechanical pencil. I don't have one on hand at the moment, but it's about the same size as the Cross MicroPen.

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