Mail Merge Instructions

Instructions on how to use mail merge with your favorite template to pre-fill information. Example: Dated daily pages, custom monthly pages, etc.

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Print the novel and follow the directions. The directions included will show you how to do your own Monthly pages (one page per month) using Once you understand the process, though, you can use it for anything. The process for MS word is similar, but the menu commands and dialog boxes are quite different.

Here by popular demand, Mail Merge Instructions.

Use at your own risk--I will not be tech support for thousands of OpenOffice newbies!

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Thank you

I, for one, thank you for all the effort that went into creating this pdf! It looks like tons of work and effort, and I suspect will be just what I needed to push me over the edge into trying this for myself. Thanks!



Thanks, shris. You surely don't do anything half way. I'm going to have to fumble through the variations to do this in Word, but I have no doubt this will make it much easier. Of course, I also want to ultimately do 2 pages per week, but one step at a time...


Word Mail Merge


I learned to do Mail Merge in Word first, so the business of learning OpenOffice was actually painful. But all of the options shown have an equivalent in word.

Use the help for Word's mail merge, it's not bad. You definitely want a "Letter" instead of "Labels".. And when you hook your data file to your Word document, Word gives you a toolbar that includes a button for inserting fields. This is a nice convenience. There's also a 'preview' tool on the same toolbar--it shows the record number with arrows to switch to other records. So you can see, for example, whether your spacing is wide enough for the stuff in your data.

If you decide to do two pages per week, then you'll have a much more complicated job. I know it can be done--especially if you don't insist that they be printed back to back (that is, put some undated form on the backs of your two weekly sheets and you're home free--just put both sides of your week in the same image)



Thanks! This will be an incredibly helpful resource.