Oblique Strategies

Thanks to a tip-off over at 3 Things Today, I've tripped across a PDF file of the cards you can print out and chop apart yourself. See Oblique Strategies - the PDF version.

Wouldn't mind making a deck of these myself....

I'm wondering if any creative types hanging around here have had any experience using these to stimulate ideas?

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I've never used these cards

I've never used these cards but I may download them and give them a whirl. One of my college textbooks recommended creating a deck of index cards to generate ideas for stories. The deck contained two types of cards:

actor cards: cards with nouns and types of people and names (cat, dog, Lola, an astronaut)

action cards: cards that contained a type of action or setting (lights a match, goes into the boxing ring for first time, etc)

To use the cards you shuffle the two decks and then draw one card off the top of the deck and write a story, poem, novel, etc from that combination.

I think I used up a good 40 cards doing this and while many combinations (like the kangaroo in the boxing ring story I wrote) won't make it to the Top 10 Bestsellers; the cards give me a cheep, fast and easy way for me to practice my writing talent.

another creativity-generating idea

there's a game my ex boyfriend and i created, which i call Bounce. i'm going to have a section of my site dedicated to this game eventually but it actually started out just with paper and pencil. i scored a fancy bertolli pasta sauce jar and we just started adding scraps of paper to it with random ideas on them. any kind of word or phrase or idea that got our attention. "transmission," "the varmints in the shed," "silvery giggles" are all examples of stuff in the jar. we would choose a time to play, then whip out a scrap, unfold it, and give ourselves 10 minutes to write something, anything. afterward we would share our ideas, and it was a great way to stimulate our imaginations, as it was writing on demand. it's also a very good way to see how other people conceptualize the same idea. it's fun with 2, but works just as well for 1.

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thank you very much.... I have a group that can surely benefit from this "therapy"! Blessings....

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