circa folios and A4/A5

Is anyone using A4 or A5 paper in Levenger circa folios and binders. I know I can simply compare American paper sizes with international paper sizes, but in the past I found that it really depends on the exact design of the binders. So I would be very grateful for any personal experiences.

I have asked Levenger if they have any data on using A5/A4 paper in their circa binders designed around American paper sizes, but got a reply saying they were unfamiliar with American paper sizes and that the circa binders/ folios were designed for the exclusive use of Levenger products.

So any help here would be gratefully received before laying out the cost of product and carriage to UK for some circa kit.

Many thanks,


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A5 paper fits into the Circa

A5 paper fits into the Circa junior notebooks - that's what I use in the Circa junior covers I bought, and eventually in my junior leather foldover when I finish the paper that came in it.

A4 doesn't fit into the Circa letter because it is longer and narrower.

A4 measurements - 8.25" wide by 11.75" long
Letter measurements - 8.5" wide by 11" long

Thanks, that is really

Thanks, that is really useful, I was probably more interested in the A5 sizes anyway.

I obviously knew from the measurements that A4 was too long, but it depends on the cover overlap as to whether you can get away with it or not, hence me looking for people who had actually tried.

Thank again,


Circa Folia size not accurate

I've just received my order from Levenger. I bought a bluebell Circa Zip Folio letter. To my disappointment, the Folio measures only slightly over 12” high, instead of 13” as indicated on the website. Since A4 papers are 11 ¾” high, if you plan to keep one notebook inside the folio, it’s impossible to accommodate A4 papers flat. It’s very tight even without notebook because of the zipper.

I’ve contacted their customer service about the return. The response was pretty fast and satisfactory, except that their error in the description of the sizes was not acknowledged. They only stressed that Circa folios are for use with Circa system. I find it a bit arrogant to say so because nobody will use a folio just to hold one notebook. What I decide to put in my folio is really my business. If the folio were of the described size, I’m sure I’d be able to use it the way I want. But now I have to go through the return process, and on top of that, didn’t get the folio that I imagined would be perfect for me.

I think most of their customers don’t deal with A4 papers. So inaccurate size description doesn’t matter as much. I’m not expecting Levenger to provide products for other format of papers, but I’d hope that they’ll correct the errors soon before somebody else encounters the same problem.

I’ll keep the punch though. Very solid.


So the same line that I got,

So the same line that I got, I do wonder why they bother to sell the punches. If the circa folios are only for use with circa system, what possible use is the punch, surely all the paper etc in the "circa system" comes ready punched.

Having said that the web page for the punch says

"Fit your own paper and reports in a Circa notebook with a Circa punch. You can add plain paper, colored stock, letterhead, fliers, business cards, digital photos—just about any kind of paper—to your notebooks."

So we seem to have a bit of a conflict here

However you reinforce the reason I am asking here, because I have never found the raw measurments to be reliable with these sorts of things.


Maybe you could still use

Maybe you could still use the junior for A5, but check with Levenger for the exact measurements. Otherwise, the shipping charge is not refundable. (No doubt that you've heard people talking about their high shipping fees).

The first reply to my post

The first reply to my post suggests that the Junior size will fit A5, so I will probably risk the costs and carriage on some Junior and 3x5 products.