Where are you finding a three-ring planner case?

I've been searching my local office supply stores (Office Depot and Staples), but all I can find are the six-ring jobbers.

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Avery 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" 3-Round-Ring Binder

I found mine at Bureau En Gros (Staples). It is a 5.5x8.5" binder. It was amist the regular US letter sized binders. If you can't find them in your local Staples, try online. Unfortunately the Staples web page asks for your ZIP code, so I don't know if the following link will work for you.

Avery 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" 3-Round-Ring Binder, Black. Item Number 175521

My local Bureau En Gros had them in black and white.

Speciality Binders at Office Max

Here in New Jersey you can find the Avery 8.5 x 5.5 3 ring binders hiding among the standard size 3-ring binders (often the end aisle). The smallest thickness is 1 inch and they come in black, white, and dark blue. Only the Office Max stores have them here, not the Staples stores. (Indeed, I wonder if Bureau en Gros in Canada is Office Max, given that's the literal translation.) I also found Avery tabs (set of 5) to fit the binders, but it took some real searching through the store to find them.

Bureau en Gros

According to the Staples/Business Depot website at www.staples.ca, Bureau en Gros is their French branding (or so it might appear).

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3 hole 2" 5,5x8.5" binder zippered

To whom it may concern I am looking for a binderas mention above, kindly let me where I can one. Thank you and God bless

3-Ring Planners

Most of the Staples I've been in (here in Canada) have carried the Day Runner "standard", which has 3 rings. The Pro edition has six, and tends to be about 30-40% more expensive.

However, At-A-Glance and Mead 3-ring planners can generally be found at most Wal-Marts (again, at least the ones I've been to) for about $7-20 USD. The forms inside have the consistency of toilet paper, but when I do a "special" one up for somebody, I tend to toss out all or most of those forms anyway, replacing them with my own. At-A-Glance produces a planner called the Hudson Planner (or something close... my memory needs a whack or two) which is almost a dead ringer for my Day Runner (cost: about $50 USD), except that the quality of materials isn't as high-end. Still, for $7 USD, the price is hard to beat. And if you wind up using it a lot, step up to a more expensive one later, like a Day Runner.

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Office Depot -

Just yesterday I was at my Office Depot and found a neat 3-ring Mead binder in the 5.5 x 8.5 size. It wasn't with the "planner section," but was on one of those free-standing wire racks in the middle of the aisle. I had it in my hand to buy, but ended up putting it back -- I couldn't justify yet another planner binder -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it...


Compact, Durable, Stylish

I have long been a fan of Russell and Hazel products, but until recently they've been more in the 8.5X11 format as binders go.

I just got a couple of their mini-notebooks and think they're worth talking about.

The notebook is slim, with a linen-covered exterior and a dry-erase surface inside. It's standard three-rings, and can accomodate paper 8.5X5.5 up to 8.5X6.5.

They have a good feel to them (because of the linen cover), they look nice, and most of all, like all the other Russel & Hazel products I have purchased, they are great quality and very sturdy/durable.

If you want some high-quality filler paper to go with - they have that on the website as well. There are lots of holes in the paper - which can seem odd, but the paper fits into the mini-binder, the Covey kinds of binders and even (I'm told) standard large three-ring binders. This is great, if, like me, you tend to be tweaking your "system" a lot and moving paper back and forth between binders/formats.

I am setting up my "kit" for the coming year - hopefully I can get the pictures posted of my Mini-Notebook kit.

In the meantime, check them out at www.russellandhazel.com. No marketing here. I really love and use their products (they have way more than binders, too). Perhaps the best part - their customer service is top-knotch.


I second the russel and

I second the russel and hazel recommendation. I currently use their mini ring binder for my d*i*y planner. I emailed their customer service and buy spring they will have more accessories for the binder, as they only have the paper right now. They will introduce the same accessories as they have for the standard binders.

Also, Walmart has 3 ring binders much cheaper than Staples (in the US). The walmart binders during back-to-school time were around $0.99, but I think regularly around 2 bucks or so. The only binders I've seen at Staples are the Avery binders that have the clear view front for a customized picture, but they are about 5 bucks...way to expensive.

Russell & Hazel mini binder

How many sheets of paper can you fit in the binder? The website says 75+. What weight of paper do you use?

Wal-Mart has WilsonJones 8.5x5.5 3-ring view binders

The WilsonJones website has a bit of a usability problem, however.

I see them all the time at

I see them all the time at thrift stores. Lots of people try planners and give up on them. I'd suggest looking at your local thrift shop, in the book section, or with the purses and handbags.