hole puncher

Does anyone know how to get a six hole punch for a 3x5 organizer book?? I'd love to be able to punch holes in my cards to fit a little book I have. Or if not a six at once, how to punch a stack of paper with other tools?? neatly??? Judy

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Try kinkos or one of the other

"we're your office" copy shops. Sometimes they can punch just what you need fast and cheap.

I know what sort of hole-array you're talking about, but I've not seen a punch specifically for that sort. I don't know if one of the adjustable type would work or not - you might be able to set the adjustment for two or three in the right place, then swap ends or something.

Good luck! And if you get it sorted, you might post back so others who may look for the same thing will find it....

And sometimes they can't

When I started with the D*I*Y Planner, I went to a couple of Kinko's locations, and they told me they wouldn't punch anything other than the standard three holes. (I'm using a Day-Timer binder, so I needed 7 holes.)

Your best option is probably to look for office supply stores near you or online. There are adjustable hole punches available -- see this instaoffice.com link for one item, or this one at euroffice.co.uk. I started with a Google search for "six hole punch".

-- flexiblefine

I wonder if it's the area or something....

I talked to our local kinkos today, and to a couple of other places that do the same sort of things as does kinkos. They all said they'd be more than happy to punch non-standard. Kinkos wanted a minimum of a ream of paper. The others didn't enforce a minimum.

Small area.... in other words, sort of the back of beyond. Maybe that has something to do with it.... I gave up metroplexes years back....

Thank you flexiblefine I

Thank you flexiblefine I followed your advice and bought the six hole punch from euroffice.co.uk and it was fantastic and got delivered to me next day.

hold punch

You can purchase them through franklin quest. I have one and although it may cost more than the cheapies, it works great, have had it for years, and that is the only place I have seen them. For the time wasted using any other punch it is not worth worrying about.
Did not check their site lately for punches, but go and look.

Buy a cheapo drill press, a

Buy a cheapo drill press, a bit the right size and build a jig for your paper size.

hole puncher

I have a DayRunner 6-Hole punch (item#043-112) that I bought at a Staples
or OfficeMax about 3 years ago. Would something like that work for you?

hole puncher

I will check out the swingline, see if it can get the holes close enough together--I've tried the drill idea, holes are ragged--but I may have to put up with ragged! Thanks for all the suggestions--Judy

Ragged holes (or the edges of disaster....)

You can always use clear reinforcements to "smooth" the raggies if the drill press is your only possibility....

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]

Paper is rough on edged

Paper is rough on edged tools and a drill bit would lose its point relatively quickly. It would probably help to either use a new bit or resharpen that one. Newer carbon tipped ones help, but that's an expense we probably wouldn't want to go through. Not because it woudn't help but because we'd be going out of our way to bring more comfort into our paper, make sense? Basically, use it if you have it but when it starts to detract from efficiency it loses its value I think.

Yes, this is the very item I

Yes, this is the very item I am looking for. Do you think they stil have them?

your 6 hole punch

Is this an exact 6 hole punch to make 6 holes.
i am looking for one to fit in desk set check binders.
Please let me know, thanks

Two 3-hole Punches

Why not buy a pair of adjustable 3-hold punches? They're cheap, and it takes less effort to cut 3 holes than 6.

Or a single hole punch

Most stationary stores also sell a single hole punch. It might be time consuming, but hey it serves the purpose :)


Biggest problem with a one-holer

is that your hand is dead by the time you've punched a year....

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]

Hole Puncher

I was looking for the same thing to help put together a day planner design which uses a standard bound format. Levenger.com has some neat hole punches which let you remove pages (and easily reinstall them) from their proprietary binding system for their Circa notebooks.

It would have been ideal for my purposes, but in the final analysis I didn't buy it, because Levenger wants $14USD for their simplest Circa notebook and $33USD on top of that to FedEx it to Canada, and they won't ship by regular mail. The entire hole punch system, covers and spines at Levenger would have cost me well over $100 by the time was all said and done. I wish I knew why American firms treat Canadians like they're either made of infinite amounts of money, or from another planet, or just not worth serving. A complaint to Levenger about their outrageous shipping fees went promptly nowhere, as you might expect.

Sheesh, not even Moleskine notebooks are that expensive in Canada!

So, what I did was have the entire day planner coil bound at a nearby
Staples, for $5CDN with covers included.


Is Rollabind better with international/Canadian issues? I think Rollabind is Levenger's supplier for much of the Circa stuff.


Circa notebooks

Cheap Circa notebooks (although not the punches) are available from Staples on-line store only. None of the retail outlets have them.
They are not very expensive. I got a bunch.
And then I bought the punch only from Levingers.

The 6 Hole Debate & The American-Canada Shipping Issue

I'm in the same boat! I have a beautiful Kate Spade six hole paper organizer that uses index card sized paper. At Kate Spade.com, there are beautiful paper refills available at $7 a pop (package includes 25 sheets). But, sometimes you just need an index card & not the fancy stuff. Levenger is a great choice!

Don't Read This is Don't Care:
I'm an American living in Canada & shipping on absolutely anything is lousy. For the record-Canadian customs is the trouble not American companies. I've had plenty of things shipped from an American residential address at a fraction of the cost. Why? Customs! Canadians tax the hell out of everything coming across the border. In fact, the Canadian government taxes imports so much that Canadians don't have the same sort of selection on goods as Americans. Look at the common convenience store. If you're in NYC or LA, there are so many bottles of water available that your head spins. In Canada, there are like four choices available. So, don't blame the Americans. LOL! I've spent too much time on this matter! Time to get back to organizing!!!


How about a paper drill ?

Paper Drill: I got one !!

I got one of the 3-hole drills and an extra 1/8" head. The 1/4" heads will do just fine. This thing goes through a stack of cards like a hot knife thru warm butter !!

paper drill

Hello Ygor:
Was your paper drill expensive?
Which brand/model you got?

Try this link


The original seems to be dead at the moment, and a quick Google only turns up the one-hole drill, not the three-hole model I have

[EDIT] Here's a link that shows both and claims to sell them: Linky-Pooh
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Is there a six-hole punch for small planners with 3x5 pages?

It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one with this problem. I hope others are still checking this thread who might have discovered a solution. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a 6-hole punch made for planners that fit 3 X 5 pages. I bought a Swingline adjustable 7-hole punch, but unfortunately, it can only fit 5 holes consecutively that are 3/4" apart. There is no room for the sixth hole puncher because it runs into the middle bar. The best solution I could come up with was position 3 of the hole punches 3/4" inch apart and then flip the paper around to make the other 3 holes. There are three companies that I'm aware of that make planners for this size: Daytimer-Jotter, Filofax-Pocket or Dayrunner-Memo. I have no idea why Daytimer, Dayrunner or Filofax don't offer 6-hole punches for these models. Surely we're not the only ones who like the little planners. If anyone has found a 6-hole punch that would work, I'd also be very interested in knowing where to find one.

Modifying a 3-hole adjustable punch and adding 3 extra punches

I bought two 3-hole punches from Wal-Mart, I had to drill a hole on one and move the punches from the other onto it. I also had to cut a hole in the bottom to clear the way for the punch.

You have to space the holes 3/4" apart. The punches are 9/32" so they are a little large.

Franklin Covey has one for $19 but they were out of stock last time I checked.

Filofax punch


I bought, this last week, a 6 hole punch for both my Filofax versions. The "personal punch" has ref. no. 130119 on it and the larger A5 one has 340119 on it. I bought these in the UK from Staples. I don't know if this helps anyone.

You can only punch 1 page at a time, however!

The six-hole punch for

The six-hole punch for franklin covey's pocket size can punch you 5 holes in the right places for a 6 hole filofax binder that fits 3x5 cards.

Eureka! I think I've found

Eureka! I think I've found a 6-hole punch that will hopefully work. It's a European brand, but I found one on eBay. It's called Rapesco Diary 66P. It's 19 mm between holes and adjustable. I did purchase the one on eBay , but I did a search and found it on the internet at Rapesco.com. It's funny how such a simple thing can make your day, but I'm really happy to have finally found a solution to this silly hole-punch problem. (You'd think we would have to go to such extremes to get a hole punch. I, too, had considered drilling a hole in my swingline, but my husband said it would work.)

Got me Looking for an Adjustable Hole Punch

Well - This got me looking for Hole Punches that are adjustable -

I want one of these ones - Portable - and adjustable.

Anyone have one? - Could not find any reviews.




6-hole punch for small planners - found one!

Well, I just got my Repesco Diary Punch 66-P and it's perfect for the small diary/planner notebook binders. It punches 6 holes -- 19 mm apart and it's just right for 3 X 5 pages. It punches 8 sheets at a time, but that's okay for me. Here's the website if anyone is interested. http://www.rapesco.com/punching/product.asp?id=PF66P0B1
I still can't believe they don't carry this in regular U.S. stationery stores.

eBay Seller


Found a UK-eBay seller who has this punch.

I got mine.

How did you order the

That looks like it would work for me too. Will it fit 6.75" x 3.75"? How did you order the Repesco Diary 66P? I couldn't find a site that would allow you to order it and have it shipped to the US.


Yes the Rapesco Diary 66-P

Yes the Rapesco Diary 66-P will accommodate 6.75" x 3.75" pages.

May I suggest you ask Rapesco via their contact form for a list of local retailers?

Rapesco 66-P

After much searching and hoping I finally found a UK ebay seller who was willing to shipthe Rapesco 66-P to the US.

However, I have also contacted Rapesco and asked if they have anyone in the US distributing this product, because there is a significant niche market for it. We'll see what they say.


I got my Rapesco 66-P and it is fabulous. I have to center the 3x5 pages in it to punch them, but that is not hard. It is exactly what I wanted, and the holes are just right for the 6 ring binder I have for my 3x5 planner.

I still have not heard back from Rapesco about US distributors. I'll post again if they ever get back to me.

Finnish Filofax clones

I couldn't find any Opto hole punches from stores.

Here in Finland the biggest national calendar company Ajasto sells series of Filofax-clones with brand name Timex. I bought their A5 hole punch and it says "Opto, made in Sweden" on it. In Germany, Dr.Gold&Co KG sells them under Holix brand.

Retail prices seem to go around 50e for fixed A5, so not cheap. On the package it says it'll last for a lifetime. Well built, light and small.

opto scaler punch

I bought one that isn't adjustable, but it does 6 holes for the 3x5 size pages. It was $35 (US), including shipping. It's great.

Opto Punch

hello Flower,
do you still have your punch?
Did it last long?
How pleased were/are you with it?


6-hole puncher

Judy, I just ordered a six hole punch on line from www.mead.com, it's a 'new' item priced under $10....take a look..

Hole puncher...

Franklin Covey has one also. I use the 5.5x8 - but you can also use it to punch the 3x5 too.

I paid $5 for it b/c it was on sale.

6 hole punch

Hi, I am unable to find the 6 hole punch that you mention. can you send me the exact link page. I need one to fit in binders for check orders. thanks

6 hole punch

you find it at www.opto.se

just got a "punchito" from

just got a "punchito" from stationery company 'maped'. It's a single hole-punch, very small and portable, and costed about 2.5 euros here in Portugal. You can check it out at http://www.maped.com/ (office/ punches)
Of course you can't punch six holes at a time, but it's a cheap alternative.
Also check at filofax site item #130119, a portable 6 hole punch. don't know the price yet, but am waiting for an answer from their distributers here in Portugal (http://www.kores.pt/).
Saw a pair on sale at Papelaria Fernandes in Faro, Portugal, for about 60Euros.

6 hole punch for 3x5

I bought one from Opto. It is a wonderful little on that punches all six holes. It is from http://www.opto.se/al_one.htm
Email to ask about the holepunch and specify that you want it for 6 holes and 3x5 size. I thought I had ordered one that was an adjustable 6 hole punch, but it wasn't and I had to return it. When I returned it, I sent a page from my planner to make sure they had the right one.
It cost $35 (US), including shipping. The company is in Sweden.
Good luck. :)

6 hole punch for a memo book that holds 5 x 3 looseleaf paper

I have began my search for this item when I stumbled upon the vast number of other people, amazingly, who searched in the past for this item. Does anyone have any new developments on where I can find this item for less than an arm and a leg. Thanks.

Tiny hole punch

Our solution was to use our existing drill with a 1/8" carbon bit and hubby made a jig (wooden guide, where the holes are drilled PRECISELY where I want them.) We buy stacks of lined memo pads from Wal-Mart ($1.27 for the five pack now, but $.97 when I was using this system)Clamp the jig onto the newly unwrapped stack of notepads, drill slowly (there have been cases of burns at the edge of the hole when hubby tried to drill too quickly).

The good news is that our jig is 7-hole (to match the idiotic planner that fell apart within a year) so I *STILL* use it to 3-ring bind, or any of several other variations.

Our printer also prints 3*5 slips, so I never had to worry very often about printing, cutting, and punching. I just printed onto the presized, predrilled paper.

[Found] 6-hole punch for a 3x5 organiser in Hong Kong

I'm so happy to find the affordable plastic 6-hole punch for a 3x5 in organiser in Muji in Hong Kong last week! Here's the info..

Muji (Causeway Bay), (www.muji.net)
*Plastic 6-hole punch, HKD 38
*Refills are available here as well.

Jumbo Grade Associates Ltd., Shop 3019 on Podium Level 3 of IFC Mall,
1 Harbour View Street, Central HK, Tel: (+852) 2295 0008, Hotline: (+852) 2487 0211, Email: info@jumbograde.com
*Plastic 6-hole punch, HKD 25 (no brand, low quality)
*Carl model no. 606, metal 60-hole punch, HKD 200 (I guess the brand Carl is www.carl-officeproducts.com)
*Filofax 6-hole punch, metal, HKD 495 (as seen on Filofax's website)
*Filofax 6-hole punch, ref 210118, plastic, HKD 125.

For me, Muji's is the best value.

Swingline #74011

I just got this Swingline hole punch; it punches 1-7 holes and cost about $28. I use it for punching 7 hole configuration for my Daytimer planner. It appears it could be modified very easily to punch 6 holes at 3/4 inch spacing within 5 inches (3"x5" index card). This punch is sturdy and smooth, and it's easy to use.

Not so easily, I think...

to modify the Swingline to punch the 3x5. I have one too and yes, you could drill new holes to mount the punchers at your own spacing, but it would take some degree of skill to mark and centerpunch the mounting holes accurately and to drill them with an electric hand drill. Difficult enough that I didn't bother to modify it when I wanted a hole punch for the compact (3.75" x 6.75") size. A drill press would be nice for this job. It was easier to buy a FranklinCovey punch.

However, to punch 3x5, you'd almost have to make your own punch, so this is a good start. I have one of those Mead 3x5 organizers but haven't used it enough to make me stop being lazy. :-)

Maybe I'll get ambitious and try it someday!


The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.
B. Banzai?

Rapesco 66-P

Someone else posted a link to this site in another location, and I decided it needed to be copied here. These folks will ship to the United States, as well as most other places in the world.

Office Point Five Star

Judy, I have a six hole

Judy, I have a six hole daytimer punch if you are willing to pay shipping.

3 x 5 paper

I thought I had seen a six-hole punch for this paper, but cannot now find it anywhere. Nor can I find the pre-punched paper which used to be available in any stationary store. The only thing I can find now is the DayRunner Notes Pages at $4.99 for 30 sheets, very expensive. If anyone has better luck, I would love to know. Thanks, Richard

6 hole punch

I found a 6 hole punch at ... www dot hbs dot com dot au/Punch.htm

It's for organisers and might be too big for 3 x 5 cards.

6 hole punch for 6 3/4 x 3 3/4 organizer binder

Is there a 6 hole punch for the 6 3/4 x 3 3/4 organizer binders - one that is able to punch more than one sheet at a time? Is there such a thing?

Absolutely !

According to The Filofax Size Guide, that is a Slimline or Personal Size Filofax

Filofax Hole Punch - US version

Filofax Hole Punch - UK version

Google is your friend !!
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Dear Judy,

although this topic is a bit elderly, I want to draw your attention to an article at the english wikipedia. Link: Hole Punch [ADMIN NOTE: there you go]
There you find a photo of a single hole leather punch. Such a tool works also with a stack of paper. I use it for example, when I want to file away a thicker brochure, that does not fit into my regular paper punch. If you put a model with the desired holes on top of the paper stack and hold them together with a clamp the result should also be neatly. I even managed to add a page into a wire-bounded planner (punching the long line of holes, cutting them open from aside like for a disc-binding and flipping it inside).
Theese leather punches can be found in DIY-stores or are already part of the household inventory.

Have fun!

There are single punches

There are single punches used on fabrics to make grommets.

Since fabric is thicker than paper, I suppose that they can cut multi layers of paper.

They can be found at craft stores.

Binderie punch by 7 gypsies

If anyone is still looking for a punch you might want to try the Binderie battery/AC powered punch by 7 Gypsies. I put a link for a review of it below. I like the idea of power so your hands don't get worn out punching lots of pages or heavy material for covers.