Mission Accomplished?

Well, if you can read this, welcome to the new DIYPlanner.com! Actually, you probably won't notice too much difference at first, aside from (hopefully) much improved speed, thanks to our new hosting provider. We'll be turning on new functions as we go along, starting this week, and fixing a few outstanding issues that occurred as a result of our recent upgrade.

Stay tuned.

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Dadgum, that was fast

I didn't even have a chance to experience any DIY withdrawal symptoms...

Very speedy

As usual, eric is on his game, and did most of the heavy lifting. I merely sat on the sideline and powdered my nose.

It's hard to tell, since the connection to the far Canadian north tends to be a little on the slow side anyway, but how do people find the overall speed of the site now?

(BTW, anyone accessing www.diyplanner.com --as opposed to diyplanner.com-- is still seeing the old site, until the DNS changes follow through.)

all my best,

pages load faster

Actually, I'm noticing that navigation within the site is noticeably easier this evening; hopefully, the speed improvements will continue to be this good!
- Frank

definitely faster!

a big improvement - great job and thanks! (now I can get my fix faster...)


Zoum zoum

It is very much faster. Great work guys!

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

bad timing

That was a very speedy upgrade, and now there's no waiting for pages to load on the site. I did have some withdrawal, but only due to bad timing. I got an email from Ryan yesterday, and was going to email him a comment someone made about one of my posts. I went to find that comment and "Oh no! The site is down."

Glad you're back and very happy with the speed of the new site!


I don't know what you did, or how you did it...

But boy, is it fast!!! DIYPlanner is now the fastest loading web site I regularly visit, and maybe faster than any I've visited! It's instant! And for what all shows.... man! I call it a Big Success, with capital letters! Very happy here...


Faster than....

...Speedy Gonzales!


im cursed~!

I can't access the site from home... and here at work I'm frequently visited by the drupal man and his "Site off-line[.] D*I*Y Planner is currently being moved to our new host. We should be back shortly. Thank you for your patience." note.

:**( I can spam the refresh button and occasionally get into a thread... sometimes I get a whole screen worth of jibberjabber... very fustrating : /

Beware... the Sara curse... CONTINUES~! Dun-dun!

my artwork

diyplanner.com should work

You should be able to access the new site at diyplanner.com (rather than www.diyplanner.com). I had this problem yesterday after Doug and I did the switch; it just depends on the wonder and mystery that is DNS. But you should get the faster site by lopping off the www.


my hero

Hopfully this will help at home too~!

It could my computer tho... its been making horrible death-rattle type sounds at night... >.<

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I went through some serious withdrawal symptoms!! So, am very glad you are back! The site definitely seems faster and I love the fact that you can set it up to show the most recent comments first! LOVE IT!

Thanks DIY Team!
nay nay