POLL::: Planner + Wallet

Just kind of a poll,
1. DO you have your wallet and planner //or hipster// combined?
2. What are the advantages/disadvatnages of such?

I was thinking of combining my hipster and wallet and I'm just looking for tips/opinions

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I can't think of any--except that if you lose one, you lose it all! But in all the years I did this, I never lost my wallet--ok, once I left my wallet at a kiosk, and had a heart-attack, but the girls working there kept it for me. whew! But I still kind of miss having everything in one. Right now, I have my Palm with a PocketMod in the case with it, and my wallet, and then a duct-tape hipster wallet for my 3x5s, passport and car reg./insurance. Every day, I have to remember where I hid my receipts, etc. Granted, each one of those is really quite small, but _three_??? Too many. I'm hoping to get a new car reg. card soon, and maybe drop the ducttape wallet, and stick with a "new" 2-sided PocketMod for notes, etc. so I would have only my wallet in my back pocket and Palm/PM slung from my hip. But I can see no problems with a wallet-hipster combo--unless you want more than 20 cards or so. ;-) I used to carry a Daytimer (I believe it used to be called Jr. Pocket--it was the 3x5 size) with a 2pg per day, and pen as my wallet, and after I no longer used the Daytime refills, still carried about 10-20 3x5s in the wallet. (That was the wallet I left at the kiosk) This was all in the days before the internet and Hipster PDAs. . .


I recently (two or three

I recently (two or three weeks ago) bought one of the FC task list wallets. It's a regular wallet plus 3x5 cards. I'm thinking about changing to the Levenger PDA case (for my Palm plus 3x5 cards) and going back to a regular wallet. Somehow it feels like I'm letting people invade my privacy when they can see my credit cards as I'm taking notes. But maybe I'm just weird that way.

I thought about getting a Palm case that works as a wallet AND has 3x5 card space, but then I realized it would make life too easy for thieves. Having my wallet stolen is a hassle, but no big deal in the end. Having my Palm stolen, though... Can't have that!


I have my planner, a microfiber classic style, and the Ultimate Purse. I call it such because I am a notorious purse hater. I have searched for the Perfect Purse my whole life. Last summer on a yard sale I found a black, microfiber purse of just the right size. It has just the right number of pockets and zippers and the shoulder strap is just the right length. I have a 3X5 tablet with my monogram on it. It conveniently goes back and forth from purse to planner. It is my inbox and I jot everything in it. Then when doing my daily processing, I transfer things to the appropriate place in the planner for future events and long range plans. I keep the little shopping and to-do stuff in the 3X5 in my purse. I put my name label in the 3X5 in case of loss. This is working very well for me after several weeks. I am GTD in a more efficient and timely manner. I've revamped the planner and am very pleased with it overall. Before I had planners but since I didn't have them on me every moment I lost out on random thoughts and since the shopping list was on a magnet on the side of the frig, I never had it with me. To-do lists were on stickies that got lost in cavernous purses or I had tiny wallet-on-a-string things that had no room for a notepad. Now with the right-size purse, the hipster and the planner, I feel very organized and things are not getting lost in the cracks.

My system

What I use with great results is a combination of systems, based around my Moleskine:

1. The notebook itself is divided in sections: planner (hand-drawn weeky and monthly pages), general notes (notes, journal, misc.), permanent infos, contacts and a log area (for sports and activities). The sections are labelled for easy find, and the ribbon marks the next free page.

2. Inside the front cover I keep a small stack of index cards, for daily task lists or perennial notes to me or others.

3. On the back pocket I'll have my ID, VISA, ATM, driver's licence and a check. Next to it is my paper money.

4. Near the back, some extra labels and pagemarkers.

All this makes for an incredibly flexible and portable system. As for writing implements, the Fisher bullet space pen is purely unbeatable.

That sounds like one bulky

That sounds like one bulky system. Can you post some pictures?

I've been looking for the

I've been looking for the perfect hPDA+wallet for a while. Some combination of levengers ID Central plus waller writer functionality but remove the pocket. The cards should ideally be formatted for the circa system.

Gender (dis)advantage

For the poll, I do not have a combined planner/wallet.

Advantage: It would be nice to have an all-in-one kind of thing. I recall my student days, when a backpack was as much a standard part of my daily outfit as shoes.

As to the disadvantages, IMO, I believe us guys are at a disadvantage in this case.

For a guy, a wallet has to be small enough to go in his back pocket. My hipster is small, but still a bit larger/fatter than a comfortable sized wallet. If I put the two together, I get something that would never fit comfortably in any male pocket other than a BDU cagro pocket.

I could put the two together into a "Man-Purse", but then the social issues kick in. Managerial "suits" have their briefcases, but I would consider such inappropriate in more casual setting.
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I keep my wallet separate from planning tools, which is kind of funny since I actually use a Daytimer credit card wallet to carry my calendar and Moleskine Cahier booklets. It does fit in my back pants pocket width-wise, but it is VERY uncomfortable to sit on. Plus it sticks way out of my pocket too. It fits nicely inside a sports jacket breast pocket, but I almost never wear one.

I tried combining them for a while, but it was too uncomfortable to carry in my pocket. And I refuse to carry a wallet like a purse.

I have become comfortable with the notion that separate tools for separate functions is ok. I used to carry around a Classic binder as if it was a filing cabinet. Now I have a filing cabinet for that. My planner is separate from my wallet, which is separate from my telephone, which is separate from....


Planner+Wallet : IPB/Hipster

I agree with the bulk of the comments concerning the combination wallet/notetaking_device as being problematic for men.

For women (or men that have a place to store something like this), Karoline in the Chicago Water Tower store came up with a creative way to hold her CircaPDA. She was sliding it into the credit card flap on the inside of an International Pocket Briefcase.

Surprisingly, it still holds a pen and folds over comfortably. This is much too large to carry around in a pocket, but seems to work well for her as a small clutch.

*[to make this work, use the tabbed dividers as covers]


Thanks Everyone!

Great suggestions all. Does anyone know if there is a difference between Levenger's international procket briefcase and Covey's task wallet? (Besides Price?)


The Levenger version is better built and smells better. :-) The Franklin-Covey is functionally about the same, and it has a bit of petrochemical aroma to it. IMHO, you do get a better product for the higher price, and if you want different colors, you have a choice with the Levenger. The TLW comes only in basic black. I've bought my Levenger pocket briefcases on sale, so it wasn't bad. At one time, they had a faux croc leather version of the Flip Pocket Briefcase for only $10. Should have bought two!


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Just curious how keeping your hipster and wallet together are working out for you. After a couple days of debating with myself I succombed to my rapidly increasing organization addiction and bought the Covey task wallet today (ignoring the fact that I was perfectly happy with my buxton jotter *sigh*). I'm really hoping this works out because I really like the idea of only carrying one little package.

Any tips on making it work? Pitfalls?

I'd love an update, too.

I'd love an update, too. After seeing a photo of a hipster in the Levenger International Pocket Briefcase, it's all I can think about spending my $15 off $75 coupon on. Would love to see pics, too.

Levenger has a wallet writer

Levenger has a wallet writer in versions for men and women:

For men

For women

They hold wallet sized notecards, and come with 50 of them. You can get 300 for $18. I'm thinking of getting the women's wallet writer. I need a new wallet, and there are times I go out but don't want to carry any more than my wallet, but still need a pen and paper for notes. The wallet cards are 2" by 3.5" ruled on one side, gridded on the other. Great potential for a miniHPDA.

My current "wallet" is a

My current "wallet" is a little nylon zip pouch from Ex Officio that has a short lanyard and is designed to clip into the pocket of some of their pants, so you don't lose the pouch when travelling. I don't really use it this way, but as an alternative to my regular fat "Costanza" wallet that I think was contributing to my lower back trouble.

I do, however, keep an emergency $5 bill in my Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase (mine is the ballistic nylon version), and I'm thinking about stashing a fiver in my Circa just in case too.

Great, now I've just set myself up as a target for thievery if there's ever a DIY meetup!

not for the money

I don't think you need to worry about anyone here stealing your money. Now, the zip pouch, the Pocket Briefcase, and the Circa would all be in danger. Any thieves among us would take the containers and leave the money behind (unless we were near a Levenger store -- and then we'd need a lot more than a few fives).

LOL so true~!!! I was

LOL so true~!!! I was thinking the *same* thing :D

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Good point! And somehow I

Good point! And somehow I don't think the monogram is much of a deterrent... ;)

Maybe I need a PacSafe bag to keep my stuff in...

Ex Officio nylon zip pouch

My current "wallet" is a little nylon zip pouch from Ex Officio

Like this ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


That's it! (sorry for being lazy and not posting the link).

I use the Buxton 3X5 Notetaker as my wallet

I just recently tossed my wallet for the Buston 3X5 Notetaker as my wallet. It has a hidden pocket where I stash my ID and cards. That way no one can see them when I am taking notes on the index cards. I always had a notepad in my pants pockets so having one wallet saves space. I'm a male and the notetaker fits just fine in most of my pants rear pocket.


Mine are combined. I have a very large wallet (the kind that will hold a checkbook, etc.) with a pair of small handles. (It also has a removable shoulder strap so I could carry it like a purse if I chose to, but I don't.) It has two zipper sections. One has my Day-Timer in it, as well as credit cards and ID. The other has cash, receipts, etc. I love it, because I can't forget my Day-Timer!

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I used to keep my wallet stuff

(money, credit cards, checkbook) in my Daytimer Classic sized zip-around planner. It also held my pda which was handy since I use Pocket Quicken and could enter purchases every time I made one. The drawback was carrying my planner everywhere. It was classic sized and there are many times when I just want to carry a small purse without the bulk and weight of my planner. Pulling the wallet stuff out when I wanted to carry a smaller purse and putting it back in when I was carrying the planner was just inconvenient for me. I also felt like I was somewhat exposed when I pulled out my planner to take notes and my wallet stuff was all right there. Yes, I could have hidden it away in the back somewhere so it was less obvious but then it made not taking more difficult because it made the paper on top lumpy.

I've left....

My Newton behind in so many places--shopping buggies, store shelves and counters, churches, homes, home (top of my car--once--oh, and my beautiful $60 DayTimer folio too!) that I long ago learned to not put all your eggs in one basket. I will put a bit of mad money into my planner, and some things, but never credit cards and other things you don't want people to get their filthy mits on. I _do_ however, make sure I have my name, phone numbers address and email--and I've had my items returned to me most of the time--or else somebody held on to it for me. (Usually, I remember only seconds later, and it was still there). But it's not worth taking the chances to me. In fact, right now, my "goodies" are split between my normal wallet and a ductster. :-)


The plan

I'm working towards this. My new project photo frame/PAA is working nicely but, once or twice, I have left it in my jacket and gone to meetings DOH!

I figure putting my single debit card and D Lic in it will "force" me to carry it everywhere thus making the whole plan work.

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I just received a really neat wallet/PDA case that has room for a 3x5 notebook or Circa PDA, too.

My review with pictures here, and the place I ordered it from is here. (I'm not affiliated with eBags.com, I just like shopping there.)

I do love getting new toys... :)
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